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S13 right side drive conversion how to do!!!???!!!???

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  • S13 right side drive conversion how to do!!!???!!!???

    does anyone know where i can get a book or video on how to do a right side drive conversion on my 240sx, i know it sounds crazy, buy i know someone has done it out there!!! please!!!help me, i will love you for it!!!

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    Theres not going to be a book, but i know a couple of people that have done it, your going to have to jig your shell and do a fire wall swap, and then replace all the parts from the other front clip. what state are you in. i might know somebody in your area that can help you,


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      "Right-Hand Drive not make car great." - Yoda

      Dude, buy an SR. And if you already have one, make it faster. It makes no sense to do something like that. Not to mention it takes a fat wad of cash to make something like that happen.



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        im afraid im going to have to say, if you have to ask, you are not qualified to do it.


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          I did it, honest not worth how long it took, and it takes skilled welder, and craftsmenship to get it right. I did it cause it will give me a wider choice of upgrades for the turbo with out having to wory about burning up the break resivore and hitting steering rack with down pipe. Its so much work I would charge thousands to do it again.


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            money is no worry, i just want to know who can do it, i am in Virginia, and anyone that knows someone near me who can do it, hit me up!!!


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              I knew a guy in ohio that had a rhd S14 zenki, but I havent heard from him in for ever and a day now


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                If you arent doing it so that you can drop in a bigger JDM turbo kit, or to make some accessories fit or something, then why are you? cause its cool? so you can use your own car if you ever decide to be a postman? that money would be MUCH better spent elsewhere, say in suspension, brakes, engine work, weight savings etc. and who are you so that money isnt an issue?