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  • What is vlsd

    What is the difference between vlsd and regular lsd and is vsld a 1 way 1.5 way or 2 way limitid slip?? so plz help me???!!!

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    Go there, all you need to know about differentials. It's amazing what a google search can yield.


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      V.L.S.D. stands for Viscous Limited Slip Differential.
      Basically it acts alittle better than open gear, but not as good as regular L.S.D. It acts somewhat like a broken L.S.D.
      I was planning on getting V.L.S.D. because its better than nothing, and like 250$$$.
      But kinda hard to find. It came equipped on some 95-98 240sx se.
      You can get it from... !


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        GAH just get a 2way dont waste money on a VLSD and then later get a 2 way.

        Thats just wasting money.


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          you can get one out of an 95 infinity j30, that's where i got mine.


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            but how does it work??does it use a clutch plate or what and is it a 1-2 way slip.


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              it's a 1 way and it's a series of plates enclosed in a Viscous fluid(hence the V) when one wheel slips the fluid begins to turn the wheel on the opposite side, the system only works after one wheel begins to slip. it's great for the street but lacks reliability for the track. it also has some issues working just as you start driving (when it's cold out) But if you dump the clutch from a standstill you will get both tires to grab and leave some nice lines.


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                excuse me if this stupid Question but, i just bought a 92 240sx w/super hicas does it havea vlsd


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                  i beleive it was an option for your model, easy way to tell. drop the clutch in first with the throttle down and see if both tires turn.
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