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ECU Problem for S13 in Nissan Truck, HELP!!!

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  • ECU Problem for S13 in Nissan Truck, HELP!!!

    Ok first things first I recently did the swap of a SR20det (s13) redtop in a 1991 nissan hardbody truck. The swap part went fine but the wiring is killing me. I have no power to my ecu so I jumped a hot wire to get the computer to power up and then another hot wire for the orange ignition wire on the ecu. Before this the truck would crank but not start, no spark or fuel. Now I tried starting it with the wires jumped and it started but the A/F gauge was pegged out to lean and the truck idled like crap. #1 plug was black black, #2 was wet with gas, #3 was also black black, and finally #4 was soaked in gas too. Ok now i am stumped and mad cause i have no idea why it would act like this because the wiring was crossed referenced with the schematics of a 1990 240 sx and seemed to match up. Any info on my situation is appreciated. Also if anyone wants info on this swap let me know I will get you wiring diagrams and modification info needed for this swap. Thanks