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  • VLSD Swap Question

    I already have a vlsd from a 92' s13, it's getting worn out so I'm gonna trade my friend for his vlsd out of a 95' s14.

    Will i need to make any modifications to the s14 diff to fit in my s13? Or does it just bolt up?

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    common help me out bizznitches!!


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      you gonna swap the whole pumpkin?
      or just the guts?



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        i want to just swap the pumpkin but it doesnt look like it will bolt up right. On the front two mounting points of the s14 diff, the holes look bigger and wider apart than the ones on my s13, plus it doesnt have any bushings, just solid holes (might be where I need to put my stock bushings) and it also has the ABS sensor. I know the rear cover must be changed from 2 bolt to 4 bolt. If i knew how to change the guts i would but i hear is kinda hard.....


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          You talk about the front two mounting points, well you are going to need to swap the bolts that came out of those holes, basicaly if you guys swap housings the bolts from the s13 will go on the s14, and the bolts from the s14 will go on the s13. if you do not have the bolts for the s14 housing you can also use some from a j30. Or if you want to swap for my s13 open diff I only live an hour away, and will do all the work.