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Good mods for a drift car

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    Loosing weight(jenny craig)1-100lbs weight savings
    Don't let Chunky Bai here that one or he will tear you a new one.


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      drift set-up

      the vital drift set-up: all suspension parts (coil-overs, toe linkage, arms..etc), LSD (2 way recommended..especially for beginners), full exhaust, grip tires in the front; bad traction tires rear, manual transmission, boss kit and boss kit spacers (needed), and a good clutch. double and triple clutch crap not me!! Thats basically it....


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        A traction tires in the front and bad in the rear. Let me explain this again. this aint coketray drifting. you need to be able to regain traction on all four corners at all times. you are building a grip car and overpowering the traction in the rear.

        This is not a flame this is correct info.


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          Re: drift set-up

          Originally posted by CaliChocolate
          , boss kit and boss kit spacers (needed) me!!
          what are these for?

          (Scratches head)


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            two way LSD makes car hard to break traction. NOT recommended for beginners. TWO way also makes car more unstable, more prone to oversteer and spinout under braking.

            Steering boss + spacer not needed. Spend money on good holding seat.


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              Originally posted by prodigy
              Don't let Chunky Bai here that one or he will tear you a new one.
              Id almost let him.


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                First of all, a 2 way is recommended because both wheels are spinning at the same speed rather under heavy acceleration or not. Its not hard to break in. If you have a new LSD, do figure 8s in a parking lot, drive around on it. Thats the only way you will break it in properly. Thats any LSD...
                Boss kit is basically the kits you use to replace factory steering wheel hubs. The spacer is needed because you want to drift haveing full control of your car. You cant do that laid back like Snoop doggy dogg. You need the steering wheel closer to you. Plus you need knee clearance for clutch and braking abilities. Its not for a seat.

                2 way- locked all times (on and off acceleration)
                1.5 way- locked under some acceleration plus heavy acceleration
                1 way- locked only when giving gas


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                  Oh yeah...always have a perfectly round steering wheel with no abnormal configurations!!!


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                    Drifting is all about oversteering buddy. Thats the whole purpose isn't it?? Oversteer, then counter steer under acceleration. LSDs help you to drift effectively at a much faster speed. You can drift with a stock viscous diff, but they usually don't work effectively. One wheel will turn faster than the other. How will you get good drifting that way???