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tightening e-brake on an fd??

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  • tightening e-brake on an fd??

    when i pull my e-brake i have to yank on it all the way untill it will begin to stop, even when i pull it to that point it barely brakes. I have tried adujusting it under the actual boot in the center console but all that does is shorten the distance you have to pull it. I have also jacked the car up and found a set of nuts that can be spun and i thought that they would do the job but they were just loose and wouldnt tighten at all so i gave up on that. So then i took it to a mechanic who told me that he didnt have an awnser to my problem. The only thing i havent tried is engaging the e-brake then trying to tighten the nuts on the cable down by the caliper. Does anyone have any input?? p.s. i have new calipers and pads on the rear and i own a 93 fd

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    Did the e-brake work before? Could be that the cable is just stretched beyond being able to be tightened. If the adjustment nut under the cover at the handle is tight, and the cable is ok under the car, then I would lean towards that. That is what happened on the Falken FD, so we eventually went with a hydrolic e-brake.


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      thanks for the input, how much would a hydraulic e-brake cost i couldnt find any for sale or does it have to be a custom job??


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        can hydraulic e-brakes be bought or is a custom job?? cause thats what i would be interested in doing instead of going and buying new cables...