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  • Chevette Info: Attn Soultron

    Soultron I've met to tell ya this for a while, I love your Chevette drifting idea. They're dirt cheap and available, but what I am really interested is those Vauxhall chevettes, the Turbo Chevettes and the ones in Brazil that have the coupe body style. So could ya post some links where I can go to find some info about 'em.
    Hope your drift chevette idea comes to fruition someday cause I know a guy building a 2.3L ohc turbo drift pinto and it'd be nice to have a quad 4 powered chevette to go up against it. Imagine that a Ford vs Chevy drift battle!!

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    Quad four= money
    I like doing something with nothing.
    that's why the vette is perfect. Lots of guys like to drop a
    v6 in them, but I'm looking to do one of these- -
    - bore the 1.6 .040 over and go turbo*160bhp*
    - 2.3 turbo *180bhp* (sorry, i have no brand loyalty)
    or any of these...
    20valve toyota and trans/mistubishi 4g63/ nissan ka or sr/
    isuzu impulse whole drive train/ Opel manta 1.9 and 5 speed/
    vega cosworth drivetrain-

    so guess which one is cheapest?
    And as much as I love Pintos, Chevettes wiegh alot less
    and have 51/49 weight distribution. Parts from the Isuzu impulse
    swap with a little work, and yes, they are cheap.
    I picked up one for 200, and once I got one for free.
    My next will probably cost 100, but that's another story.
    anyway, here's the best links-
    the chevette racing forum-,
    chevetteiros in brazil, (in portugese, use bablefish)

    and that's all I got right now.
    gimme a PM and I can help you find out more.
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      If I could find one, I'd be all over the Chevette!!!

      Gotta love the classic lines!



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        I hit the Jackpot. has a ton of photos. This one's a Vauxhaull. As far as your project I hope you keep an American powerplant in it. I'll pm ya and hopefully we can chat sometime cause I'd love to pick your brain about the Chevette.
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          chevette drifting back in the day!


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            Here in Europe the Chevetts were called Opel Kadett and came whit a 1.2 or a 1.6 liter engine. The 1.6 liter engine uses the same engine block as the 1.9 2.0 2.2 och 2.4 liter CIH engines.
            So basicly the 2.4 liter is a realy easy swap. The 2.4 are a bit hard and a bit expensive to find but the 2.2 is realy cheap. U can get one for like 200 bucks.
            All other Opel parts around here is cheap.

            The 1.6 rear axel is tha same as in Manta B, the only thing that is different is the with of the axel. All Manta B GTE and GSI that was sold in Swden came with LSD so for me that live in Sweden it would not be that hard to bild a driftcar out of a 1.6 Kadett.
            Most Kadetts I see around here are 1.2's tough... =(

            2.2 liter eninge + enem cam + headers + weber 45's + Getrag 240 gearbox from Manta B + Manta B LSD = pritt good driftcar

            I would build one if I had a garage and if i wasn't in a bad need for a daily driver. Can't afford both.

            What speaks against the Kadett and the Manta B is the old construction. The CIH engine is was probably constructed in the late 60's.

            Have a look at these clips, there are a few Kadetts in there:



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              I have an Issue of "Retro Cars" that has a very good article on the Chevette HFs and how to tune them and also what motors will fit, etc. It would be no problem for me to scan in the pages, or you can get an issue for yourself at (or maybe

              Chevette tuning in it's pure form is usually asscosiated with carbeurators, but it is possible to use fuel injection. If you are thinking motor swap but don't nescessarily want a foreign motor, a 4-cyl mustang motor will work, as will the 2.0L ZETEC found in (ug) Focuses. A ZETEC will be good for more than 350hp, but you'll have to mate it to a RWD trans (many kits are available from the UK and Europe).