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    Goergia is a hot bed for nice cars.

    As for an RB being 8000 to do, no way. For an RB26, yea you are looking at that at least. For an RB20 you aren't looking at any fabrication. You can buy the mounts right there in Atlanta. My brother fabs them and they are super sweet. Only ones on the market here that clear the oil pan, firewall and allow you to run a strut tower brace on the it after completion. He does kits to do th install. Kit includes the motor mounts and the tranny mount. There you go, it's in. Heclk he is seling his 240 right now and it already has the RB20 sitting in it.

    If i'm not mistaken you can get an RB20 clip cheaper than the SR clip. The RB20's have really come down in price. The 25's and the 26'6 are still up there but they will fall soon enough. Reason being it that the RB is a hevier motor and everyone wants the SR's. So demand warrants price. The RB swap is a relatively painless one. Contact my brother, his shop can do the swap as well. That's his site. His shop is in Conyers. They do ALOT of stuff and they are about to do more when I get down there to help him out.

    But if I were you, I would stay with the KA and get your skill together before you do all this swapping. You are trying to learn a skill but yet you want to take the very thing that is going to facilitate you learning that skill apart. Any engine swap is going to take at least a month. They can say it takes shorter time but it never does. Something inevitably goes wrong and your car is there for a month or you have to take it back cause something is not right. Then you have missed half the events and half the season. So were I you, I would invest that money more wisely into suspension, tires and entry fee's into anything and everything that I could find including but not limited to, driving schools at Road Atlanta, track days racing events etc, etc.... That is the only way you are going to learn anything. There are monthly Auto X meetings in Atlanta. There are clubs that hold Rally's such as the Ga Z-club, the Porsche club and others. THose clubs also hold track days and all sorts of events that you don't have to have the same kind of car to go to. I went to a Z-club rally in my Mustang one time and did pretty well. I ran through the N. Ga mountains. Super nice guys and very professional Henry and his Hooligans are. Check em out. Plus you can join and get discounts to loal shops.

    So before you worry bout power, worry bout Poise. You will be much happier that you did.


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      Hey Ghost, all cost issues aside what would you say about trying to fit an RB26 into an FD?


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        RB20DET will fit into the S13 chassis with no problem. Just use the crossmember from the R32 GTS-T that it came from. BTW, R32 GT-S is a non-turbo RB20DE. GTS-T is the RB20DET.

        RB25DET will also fit but usually, this engine came from R33 Skylines. So, you might need to source the R32 crossmember to fit. RB25DET came from R33 GTS25-T and Stagea RS250 and RB25DET Neo came from R34 GT-T and Stagea RS250X-4.

        To use an RB26DETT, grand daddy of them all, you'll need the RB20 or most suitable would be RB25DET 5 speed gearbox. RB26 shares the same wiring configuration as the RB20DET. RB25DET does not!

        Now, CA18DET is basically an RB engine with 4 pistons instead of 6. Its design and dimensions shares that of RB engines. Installing one in a S13 chassis is very straightforward. CA18DET with mild mods (Exhaust/FMIC/Intake/remapped) can achieved 180rwkW with stock internals/turbo. That's around 245rwhp.

        I don't know much about KA but I do know about SR20DET. My advice is, go for what you want and what you can afford. CA and RB are relatively cheaper than the SR. KA is even cheaper!

        Build your skill first, then upgrade. If you think you're ready for it, then go ahead.



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          Ghost has your brother ever had a rb25 S13 up on the scales? i would love to know the weight and dsitribution of one of those. I mean off the actual scale..i hear alot of hearsay about it, but no one i know has ever actually weighed one.

          Though i hear with the proper mounts the weight distribution isnt off toobad, Weight seems to be a big issue with it... That said i would still love a rb25 swap once i feel like i can handle it.

          anyone who says it cant drift.. well i doubt many of them have ever drifted one... besides if people can drift a Skyline GTS turbo then i dont see a problem with a S13 with one...


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            Originally posted by Ex-Cat
            Hey Ghost, all cost issues aside what would you say about trying to fit an RB26 into an FD?
            Id say, " You can't be serious". I havent seen an RB26, I guess I could run over to cartune and check out one but I would think the RB would be a little wide, together with the whole "dumbest idea ever" aspect, not a good swap idea.


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              i've seen a few rb26s in S13s, at different car shows and events. There are fitment issues, but its been done and its do able. Expensive and alot of stuff needs to be done. Its said the twin turbos wont clear the steering colume for one.

              Buts its doable.

              EDIT: im dumb, the above info is for a rb26 into a s13, i didnt realize the post above was for a rb26 into a FD
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                hey im in savannah ,lets go rip some shite up,u wanna go?oh geta lsd and sus.


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                  I'll always tell people you don't need a swap. You'd be better off building the important parts of the car.


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                    Nissanguy, you realize that says "FD" right?


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                      Oh no, my bad i guess i didnt read all of it, Yeah a rb26 in a FD would be kindof dumb, i was thinking Rb26 into the S13.


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                        Keep in mind boys, I'm not saying that I want to do that or are seriously considering that...just a general (relatively) knowledge question.


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                          RB25DET in a S13 is really sweet! I got 2 friends here having that engine in a S13 and A31 Cefiro. Yes, weight distribution will be an issue but not a problem though.

                          The guy did weighted his RB25DET S13 and found out that the front was off by about 9%, making it close to 65/35 distribution (initial weight distribution was 56/44) What he did :-

                          1. Change front rims to lighter rims, use aluminum radiator, VR4 intercooler instead of Blitz triple core, aluminum front bonnet and side fenders, take out the A/C and use fibre front bumper.
                          2. add a bit of weight at rear suspension tower and put heavier rims in the spare tire compartment.
                          3. Revised suspension settings (I'll try to find out what he did on this).

                          After some adjustments with the suspension, he got 57/43 distribution ratio, which i think was quite ok since it's close to the initial setting.

                          The car handles fine and very very driftable. Drifting is predictable and understeer is not as bad as it was before. After all, the RB25DET have tonnes of torque to make the rear slides out! very very nice!

                          Another guy also did an RB25DET conversion into his A31 Cefiro. He didn't weight the car but he did follow a bit of what the S13 guy did and ended up with a very serious drift car!



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                            man those numbers are pretty bad for a S13. i havent had mine on a corner scale, but people usualy claim there S13 even with an RB swap has a much better weight distribution then that. How did he mount his rb25 in?

                            you can buy aftermarket engine mounts designed specificly for that swap thats suposed to set it lower and farther back, or so im told.

                            Also do you know how much the thing weighed alltogether?

                            sorry for all the questions im just interested in it.


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                              the car weighs in at around (in KG) 1360kg, that's after adding weight at the back and driver (65kg). S13 with SR20DET weighs in at 1250kg (car+ a bit of fuel), so if add the driver into that it'll be 1315kg. that's about 45kg difference in weight. Now, the RB25DET weight about 30+kg more than the SR20DET. that's around 60+lbs. A stock standard S13 SR20DET will have weight distribution ratio of 56/44.

                              He uses R32 crossmember and mounts. From what he said, everything bolts right into place as if it was meant to be there! He did thought about moving the engine backward a bit, but when he realize it'll require him to customized the longshaft, he put the idea on hold for now.

                              BTW, we didn't have access to aftermarket mounts which was sold in US. if we want, we will need to customized it. but he's happy with the swap so far. It's been more than a year now.

                              LATEST! just spoke to the guy and he said that he should be at 55/45, if not better, now since he changed the manifold and dump pipes to lighter aluminum manifold and pipes, together with de-cat, remove the middle silencer box and titanium piping to replace the steel piping he had before.

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