(PART #2) Drift Suspension Setup By Mike Kojima

In part one of our series we spoke about the importance of good suspension which is probably the first major step in setting up a car for drifting. Although the suspension is really important, perhaps just as important is a good limited slip differential.

To read more on suspension set up and part one, check out this section. “The Ultimate Guide to Suspension and Handling”

One of the most critical parts of a drift car that isn’t really part of the suspension but worth mentioning here is an LSD or limited slip differential. Without an LSD, it is really hard to get a car to drift. An LSD diff is one that locks the two drive wheels together under power. When the wheels start to spin on a car with a regular diff, all of the power is transferred to the wheel with the least grip so only one tire spins, in a turn it would be the inside rear wheel. No power is transferred to the loaded outside wheel and it does not spin. This makes it hard to get the car to slide by using the engines power.