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  • FRS Oil Cooler by Robispec

    Text by Robispec

    At Robispec we are fans of extra credit work and so we went to an "overkill cooling solution" stock radiator is 15mm core we replace this with a TWO 22mm tube core. We then add a liquid to liquid oil cooler in the "cold side tank" and have less than 2.5 feet of total lines to complete the whole "kit".
    The best thing about this is that you don't need to thermostatically control the oil temp (a big potential problem with the Air to liquid cooler solutions) as the water thermostat does this for you and actually heats the oil faster during warm up then stabilizes it to run about 20-30 degrees hotter than the water temp. this is better in many ways than the current kits on the market.
    1. lighter overall
    2. short hose runs equals minimal resistance to flow = no extra strain on the stock oil pump
    3. "fixes" the Water cooling issues sure to develop with the stock radiator.
    4. Uses existing cooling airflow and leaves fender locations for brake ducting
    5. Uses all factory connections/hoses fits with bumper beam and all plastic parts in their stock locations.
    6. Works with VORTECH and all aftermarket intakes (that we have encountered) and the Stock air box.
    (some solutions require "creative" hose routing but everything fits lol)
    7. Uses factory cooling fans.

    NO cutting plastic to mount
    Cold air or turbo/FMIC piping over the top as needed
    STOCK mounting points used
    OVER TRIPLE THE COOLING CAPACITY and an extra Quart of engine oil.
    takes 2 hours to install. Installation is the same as Stock radiator install with the addition of the oil cooler fittings.
    total system cost Radiator oil cooler takeoff plates hoses, an fittings, fans
    EVERYTHING INCLUDED for John Q Public to install $1085.00

    17244 Darwin Ave Unit E
    Hesperia, CA 92345

    Phone (760) 912-4337