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Braking set up for drifting??

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  • Braking set up for drifting??

    Hi people

    I am trying to figure out how should I set my brakes on my 240. Ive tried to do the weight transfer while practicing but then I noticed that my rear ones slow me down. Ive heard people only using the pedal for the front brakes and add a hydro for the rear. Can that be done??

    I open to all suggestions but I want to make the right choice and not mess up!

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    Slowing you down when?


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      I've seen a couple of people separate their front and rear brakes and it seems to work really well for weight transfer but its not very safe because of the times when you actually need to slow down. If you are having speed troubles when weight transferring maybe try doing brake bias adjustments but the best thing you can do is just practice. Just make sure you don't make too many changes too quickly or else you may end up in a wall. You also may want to write down every change you make so you can go back if need be.