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5th gear reverse lights

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  • 5th gear reverse lights

    Ok, Can any one please help me. I have just purchased my dream project car a 90 240sx. The plan is to turn it to a 180sx. One problem that I am running into is that when in 5th gear the reverse lights come on, when in reverse the lights don't turn on. I have checked all fuses thinking it could be there but its all clear. I even removed the sifter to see if there was a switch in the are as well as looking on the transmission and saw nothing. Can any one help with this?

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    Far as I know, the switch for the reverse lights in a 240 is a big plug-looking thing sticking out of the transmission, with two wires coming from it. when reverse is engaged, something in the trannie pushes the little button, completing the circuit to the reverse lights. There wouldnt be a shifter-mounted switch.

    In a semi-related topic, in my old S12 the reverse light button wasnt getting pushed, so i put a different button on the shifter handle.. great tail-gating defence. Someone is right on your *Censored**Censored**Censored* doing 75 on the highway, press the button, they think you've shifted into reverse, slam on their brakes and shoot over a couple lanes. lotta fun At stoplights too


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      there r harnesses on the transmission that goto the ecu. one of them is in the wrong spot. obviously two of them....hence the 5th and reverse.... . try getting info off the net or but a repair book to see where they all go. good luck