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  • Suspension

    I am looking to change the suspension on my 1990 240SX. As with most people money is a problem. I want to use the car for drifting. The problem is that I don't want to buy one type of suspension that is cheap and then have to change it down the line. My first thought was to by a set of adjustable shocks and struts like the KYB AGX and then when I get more money buying something like the ground control coilover kit. Is this going to work as good as say a set of Tein Flex Coilovers or once I get better as a drifter will I be at a major disadvantage with the KYB set up and have to go back and buy a set of Tein, JIC, etc. Coilover kit? Also is there a major advantage to the high priced coilover kits versus the starter coilover kits.

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    Silvia54, the KYB AGX's are a good start for beginners. If it's money you're concerned about, try starting with Koni Yellows. Those repainted silver are equivalent to Nismo S-tune shocks. Those don't lose their resell value as much as they've got a lifetime warranty also. The AGX's I've seen quite a few blow. That's usually from lowering them too much and having them on stiff settings then going sideways. They're very versatile as they can be used on street and on track. Though their track use is limited by their shock design. Something better in the long term would be coilovers, although the initial cost is much higher.

    Personally I'm on a stock shock setup for now, but I'm waiting for my order on the Zeal Function D coilovers that were pretty recently released. I'm getting those for about 1800. If you want to start with coilovers, my recommendations would be with Tein. They're good bang for the buck and very good for beginners. The FLEX's are excellent for both street and track use. However, as your skill level increases, you'll find that the 5kg/4kg spring rates will limit your full potential as you progress. The HE's are a more common drift coilover as they've got the pretty much standard 8kg/6kg setup that you'd find on the JIC FLT-A2's. My recommendation though, if you're going to spend that much for the JIC's you're better off with the GP Sports GR-6's. Those are rebadged Kei Office XR's at 1400 versus the 1800-1900 that you'd find for the Kei Office. They're both 9kg/7kg which does make for a stiff ride, but that's to be expected from something with a higher spring rate like that. They're not as highly tunable for the dampening though compared to the FLEX which offers 16 settings, but the GP/Kei are better design with the inverted monotube design (only 6 way dampening).

    Hope that was as informative as I would hope that would be.


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      So what you are saying is that the shock and spring set up is going to have to be replaced at some point as I my skill level increases. Thanks for the info it was a great help.


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        yeah the shocks are good for starters but you'll probably outgrow them pretty quickly. might want to consider a basic coilover system for something that'll last you a bit longer. if you do go with the shocks and want something that'll hold their resell value, get the koni's. those are awesome shocks and don't lose their resell value because they're backed by that lifetime warranty. the kyb's are good but if they blow you're screwed but they're pretty good with their resell value too since they're popular and sell pretty easily as a result.