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Gas Pedal Problem

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  • Gas Pedal Problem

    Hey i was wondering if you guys can tell me wussup...

    The gas pedal in my 240sx gets stuck whenever you stop and put it on first gear... but when switchin to the other gears, it doesn't really happen that much.. It's kinda annoying because this has never happend before and i have to put more pressure on the pedal to make it go down... At first, i thought that my foot was hittin something but the pedal itself was getting stuck.. Now i end up reving cuz i have to press it harder.. hate that..

    It started after my car's battery drained and i was about to jump it, but my friend suggested teachin me how to start the engine by kickin the clutch and gas at a certain speed... i ended up being the one pushin the car, i hear him kickin the clutch and gas pedal all fast like how many times.. then when it finally started he's like there, now you know how.. im like, "uhh okay". but now the gas pedal is kinda hard to press, is it because of the thing he did? or is it something else? It's like you can't press the gas lightly no more, cuz it keeps gettin stuck on sumthin.. well thanks for your help in advanced...

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    your throttlcable is prolly really loose and its gettin caught up on something when you step on the gas...

    pop the hood and rev the car with your hand and see if you see the cable gettin caught on anything

    i know this cause it made me crash my rx7 intoa house


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      or your throttle body is clogged with dried crud aka oil buildup from the crankcase getting into your intake. causing it to stick whenever the plate is fully closed. jsut take your intake off and open the throttle body to see.


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        ^^ thats what i was thinking, throttle body could just be showing its age.


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          does your car have cruise controll?

          maybe the cable's are set differently..