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Australlian Nissan R31 Skylines/Pintaras??

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  • Australlian Nissan R31 Skylines/Pintaras??

    Anybody ever heard of Australlian exported Nissan R31 Skylines or Pintaras? I recently found out that those cars use the same differential gears that my 9 bolt GM rearend uses. I got part numbers for 3.7's, 3.9's, and 4.1's. But I never heard of those model cars before (R31?) so I was wondering if any of you Nissan guys heard of them before?

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    The beast in her younger years.
    ha ha..

    maybe trying going to:
    and ask around.

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        holden in the 80s braught out a commodore Calais Turbo which used a nissan built RBxxDET engine (not sure which one) i think a lot of other parts will be the same as the r31, maybe try through there


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          The R31 in Used mostly SOHC versions of the RB series. With Skyline getting a naturally aspirated SOHC 3 liter RB "Rb30E" a few guys over the years have gotten ahold of these blocks and rb25det top ends and built 3 liter skyline motors.. i've seen one guy stick it in a AC Cobra, part of a collection of Cobras he was running that was his "turbo car". I've seen the same engine in some of the fastest street legal skylines, single digits and stuff. Although they are suposed to be hard to get to.


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            Originally posted by nissanguy_24
            ...single digits and stuff.
            You mean like "3"?

            So, what you're saying is that you could put a 25's DET head on the RB30 and have yourself a 3-liter turbo R31?

            Why haven't I moved to Australia yet?



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              rb30det or even rb30dett i supose, And you can stick it in any R31-34 as far as i know. im sure not exactly bolt in but it is still pretty cool.


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                yes the RB30 came out in the VL commodore, and the r31 skyline, and yep it is very common for the VL boys to through a RB26 Head on the RB30 there are plenty over here running into the 9 and 8, most of which are street rego'd cars

                go to and check out some of the vids there are a few there of VL's running the above combo