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FC3S/Rotary engines?

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    Originally posted by Cobra_R
    Wheres gardena CA?
    Right above Torrance


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      Originally posted by twcfc3s
      how it works with the 2 stroke oil in the gas?? why?? and whats the benefit?? that doesnt damage the engine?? do you recomend it??
      on a rotary you can run pre-mix with out any problems but on efi motor you have to remove the omp and oil injectors. benefits is cleaner internals-no carbon build up, proper apex seal lubrication, and longer engine life. cons you have to have a jug of 2-cycle with all the to mix on every gas fill. I recommend it if you don't mind the cons.

      Here's a pic of a rotor that has over 100k on it with pre-mix. For the stock oil injection system picture it with a clean spot down the middle with enough carbon to score housings.
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        Rotary engines are pretty reliable from my experience..
        Remember your getting a car thats over 10 years old so anything could be wrong with it ..A car's longetivity depends greatly on the owners mantinence and driving style..I have had a all stock original 1985 FB GSL-SE 13b non turbo with 209K miles on it original motor.Isn't that a long life?? Well sure does beat any piston motor without a rebuild..Rotaries might be a little more hassle to rebuild since you have to dissasemble the whole motor unlike a piston motor where usually the top end goes first..
        as for a rotary which has no valves meaning less moving parts yes..I believe in my rotary motor..-==)

        As for turbo charged 13b's that another story..


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          I had an L-24 in my Datsun Maxima that had 260,000 miles before the odometer stopped working