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Unsprung Weight: What Drifters Should Know

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    Originally posted by GRiDRaceTech
    (I've seen the uprights go for anywhere from $50-$80 shipped) However, one would have to change the shocks to a Z32-specific model, or at least buy SPL coilovers which can be special ordered with Z32-specific forks for the S13 and S14 chassis.
    *Edit: It's compatible, but only after the addition of a conical ball joint seat. (part # 40173-33P00, about $10 at your local Nissan dealer)*
    Whats wrong with raiding local salvage yards, I was quoted $180 to $250 for the entire Z32 rear suspension. Price compared between 5 salvage yards within 30 miles of me, plus whatever to have the rotors possibly turned. This also means for 4 lug 240sx owners, you get a 5 lug rear conversion and aluminum calipers as a bonus.

    While I'm on the subject, would the Z32 dif gear ratios be bad for a SR20DET powered S13 in terms of torque AND RWHP


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      I don't have any local salvage yards. Plus, some people can't afford $180-250 at this juncture.

      I'll try and thwart the hijack by answering the question. Z32s have a higher-geared ring and pinion and will allow you to rev longer in each gear, but with less alacrity. In other words, you'd lose a little acceleration and gain a little top-end. I say, "why bother?"


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        SPrung or Unsprung

        Loose Weight!!
        Damm I hate fat cars lol


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          Here's the ratio I've seen for sprung to unsprung weight: 6lbs of sprung weight is equivalent to 1lb of unsprung weight. Thus, unsprung weight will have the greatest effect. However, it is the hardest to shave.


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            havent read all 3 pages but i was wondering what the origional poster thinks about how racing cars such as JGTC use 18x11 wheels. they are sacrificing unsprung weight for steering response and high grip. what do you rhink of this concept?


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              They use forged alloy wheels that weight about as much as the stock wheels. With the amount of horsepower they have, they need all the rubber they can get.


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                this is true. so when you are making so much power, you can only save so much whn you need grip.
                but the wheels are not as light as you think. they are well over 25 lbs which isnt light. remeber they are 18x11 forged rims. just being forged makes them heavier than normal by nature.
                but me personally, i have a set of 17x7.5 and 17x8.5 ADVAN RG's that are on theyre way. im going to run 225 on front and 245 on back which i think is pushing it. Advan RG's are light weight if i remeber, right?


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                  Advan RGs in your sizes are 15.2lbs and 16.5lbs respectively. That means they are indeed lightweight.

                  Forged means they are indeed heavier due to denser metal, but then they need less metal to do the same work due to the increased strength from the increase in density.

                  If anyone is running 18x11 Volk TE37 Mags, then they're under 25lbs. (18x8.5 is only 12.9lbs) I find it hard to believe that all the cars are running 18x11s all around. I'm guessing some are running 18x9.5s in the front, with maybe 18x10s in the back of some of the lower-powered GT300 cars.