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American Displacement Vs. Japanese High Technology

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  • American Displacement Vs. Japanese High Technology

    I know that "drifting" as we know it is fairly new,
    But when i went to high school back in 1990 we loved to slide around in our Mustangs 5.0
    We would get on and get off the highway so we can "drift" down the long half circle exit ramps.
    (No Mountain roads in Miami) anyway the cars of choice to do this was the Mustang 5.O (specialy the lighter LX) for its strong torquey engine. I can't belive that this is an actual motorsport now! (If I only knew, I would problaby had a carrer in motorsports) So I was thinking about staying true to my roots and buying a 5.0 so I can join this "new" generation of "drifters"

    So, I wanted you guys opinion on the 5.0 as a drift car. And also don't you guys think that american V8 engines with tons of torque early in the rpm curve make more sense for "drifting"
    Why spend all this money on turbos engine building etc. when you can buy a large displacement american V8 and be done?

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    Hello and welcome to There is a thread already about this and should you need to check for other threads in the future, please utilize the "search" function. Please see the thread named. "1000 hp mustang" or "Domestic Drifters" or any of the other numerous threads.

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