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    this thread is heaven!!!!

    i have a 89' Crown Vic with a 5.0 V-8 (not a cop car) automatic trans
    i was wondering pretty much the same thing about suspension upgrades for these cars...i know i could make a ton of hp by using mustang parts but i havnt found anything good for the suspension...Do cop cars have better suspension than stock?...if yes then im going to the junkyard and find myself a cop car

    also...about the e-brake i never use it to drift but it would be nice to be able to use it...if anyone knows how i can set it up for handbrake or without the release lever it would be greatly appreciated if you let
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      If you can reinforce (SP?) the shock mounts, you could just bolt in street rod style coil overs in place of the stock shocks. I would use QA1 coilovers .They are by far the best for our type of cars. The bad thing is that just the shocks (4) are like $550.00! I don't want to think about what springs add to the cost!


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        Hey thanks for the input it helps a lot
        ill have to look for the shocks but at least now i have an idea of what to do thanks!!


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          yall go!!......

          pd. mexicali represents......


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            hey man where do u go to drift?

            i go to mex a lot maybe we can meet


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              You don't want or need coilovers on the front.
              Go to a stock car site like Afco for springs.
              Remember that the rear axle motion ratio in roll is derived from half the spring separation distance (center to center) divided by half of the rear track.
              The front motion ratio (distance from bushings to spring center, divided by bushing to ball joint distance) must be squared to get the wheel rate. This is because if a spring is in the middle of the A-arm, for a .5 motion ratio, the spring is exerting half the force on the ground at the wheel, while the wheel moves twice as far as the spring. .5 squared = .25
              So a 1,000 pound/inch spring mounted 8 inches out on a 16 inch arm moves 2 inches at the wheel at 500 pounds = 250 lb/in. wheel rate.


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                Nixon, is that your Volvo 122 behind the Crown Vic?

                BTW, I typed a long reply about motion ratios and it disappeared.


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                  sorry mikep but thats just a pic of a crown vic i found on the net

                  my car just looks exactly like that one, same color, year, etc.

                  i didnt meen to lead you on like that but i havnt been able to post my own pics yet...but soon you will see them