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L.S.D. question.HELP QUICK!!!!!!!

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  • L.S.D. question.HELP QUICK!!!!!!!

    I was wondering what the proper break in period(after the 30min breakin drive) of a new lsd is. I will be puting a Kaaz Lsd into my 97 240. I was also wondering if after the inital 30 min. break-in if i needed to replace the diff oil.some people say that you do and some say it doesnt mater.Please only post if you are going to give me an answer or opinion.DONT POST IF YOU ARE GOING TO CORECT ME.IHATE THAT.thanks

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    just do the 30min break in doing the figure 8 and then let it rest and drive it again and check if there is alot of noise left if there is still some of the noise just repeat proccess until no more sounds


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      Here is the proper break-in procedure.
      Use regular petrolium based gear oil 80w90 GL5
      specification. Something you could buy at local
      store like Castrol or Penzoil. Just make sure the
      label says applicable for lsd use.
      Do the figure 8 with this cheap oil for 30 minutes.
      Do this in first gear at comfortable speed (10mph).
      Make sure you disengage the gear when turning.
      (Push the clutch pedal down)
      After you are done, drain the oil and replace with
      Kaaz oil or other high quality gear oil. Never use
      synthetic type oil.
      If you get dizzy while break-in, you can rest and
      continue. Don't eat anything prior to this either.
      For additional information, please email us or call
      us at 1-888-522-KAAZ(5229).

      Regards, Kaaz USA


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        Thanks alot. Maybe you can help me a little bit more.I got my lsd at a shop. amd they did a good job but its time to refild the diff oil.I can find the drian plug but i dont really know where the fill plug is. I think it is on the left but im not sure. It is a 97 240. Any help would help thanks a lot.


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          Looking at the car from the rear, the filler plug is located
          on you left side. Normally requires a long socket extention
          (about 16 inches long) half inch size to remove the plug.
          If you have a wrench and socket that fits more closer
          and the exhaust doesn't interfere, that will be ideal.
          Otherwise the use of long extention inserted from the
          left side wheel suspension arm area is the only way.
          Best Regards,
          Kaaz USA 888-522-KAAZ(5229)


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            Thanks a lot you helped me out :-)