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I Need Help Plz.......

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  • Ghost of Duluth
    CHeck all your wiring down to the starter. Make sure that nothing has come off, burned through, fusible links if you have any. You can even put a tester on the starter and check to make sure it is getting power. If all that checks out, take the starter off and take it to Autozone. They can test it there. Does your pwoer go out when you turn the key to try to start it? If you have power when you turn the car on but lose it when you click it to engage the starter, then check the connections on the battery. They may be lose.

    Good luck.

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  • chiners240sx
    started a topic I Need Help Plz.......

    I Need Help Plz.......

    HELLO my name is chandler and i have a 91 240sx se and i am having problems with it......when i turn the key on i have power but the motor does not turn over i put a new battery in it and checked fuses that didnt work so i was hopin you guys could help he plz give me some tips guys