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Silk road or Kei office coilovers?

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  • Silk road or Kei office coilovers?

    What would you guys recommend more for a 89-94 240sx? Kei office type xr coilovers or silk road coilovers?

    -kei office - $1800
    -silk road - $1499

    just give me some opinions on both of those coilovers, thanx

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    Kei Office.



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      hmm ive had the same question on my mind (but for an s14) after i read all the suspension threads on this forum.

      information i got:

      - kei office is very popular and well known for its quality and performance. plus the drift king himself helped in the design of this suspension. BUT, its more expensive.

      - silkroads arnt as popular. but almost everything you hear about them is good. and many say the quality is up there with kei office. PLUS, its less expensive.

      what i came up with:

      if you have the extra money go for the kei office's. if you wanna save money go for the silkroads. from what i hear, kei offices and silkroads are some of the best coilovers out there. so i guess it all depends on budget.

      if anyone disagrees LET ME KNOW. because if silkroads are sh!t on a s14 (or s13) then ill save up a little more for the type xr's


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        i'm running the silk roads, i have friends running the kei office.. both of them are made in the same factory (if i remember correctly), and they use the same quality materials, and the same quality construction.. the real question you need to ask yourself is,"Do i really have enougn experience in suspension tuning to actually know the difference and how to properly set up the suspension i spend a grand and a half for".. becuase you can spend thousands on suspension, but if all you're going to do is bolt it in, and lower your car, you're wasting your money. find the coils that best suit YOUR needs.


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          god i hate 240s so much why can't suspension be that cheap for the hachi


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            alright thanx guys for the info...

            anyone else have anything to add to that?


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              If you get either, let me know how they do. I was thinking about a set of xr's for my 240 once i've actually bought it and can drive the ballls off of it.


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                where can i buy kei office


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                  First, this thread is 5 years old.

                  Second, google it, you'll find it in no time.


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                    Originally posted by drifter_91 View Post
                    where can i buy kei office
                    kei office is dead! no longer in business...... just like this thread!


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                      well they been talking that kei office is dg5