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  • help newb please

    i have a 1988 camaro with a 2.8 v6 and these motors are slow. i would like to know what kind of engine transmission and reaerend i could put in this car that would make a fast car and i would also like to know what kinda rims would look good on this car with lowprofiles

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    higher compression = more power


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      im not really wanting a muscle car but i got a good deal on it and rear wheel drives are great drifters


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        Originally posted by 1988camaro
        im not really wanting a muscle car but i got a good deal on it and rear wheel drives are great drifters
        how old r u?

        how long have you been driving?

        and are you going to use it to Drift?

        Just curious... not here to bash you.



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          i am 16 i have been driving for 4 years one and a half legally the rest just because i felt like it and yes i plan on using it to drift, do you have any info on how i could make it a good drifter


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            oh and just so no one thinks im stupid i know i could drop a small block 350 and a 350 turbo tanny with a postitive traction rearend and have a pretty decent car or go with a 454 big block and a 350 turbo tranny and positive traction rearend with a supercharger and have a great car but i dont want nuthin like that i want something thats relatively light and thta would make the camaro a good drifter thats why i am askin about the motor tranny and rearend and i dont like the fender gap that i would have with lowprofiles on the 15 inch irocs so i was wanting to know what kinda 17 or 18 inch rims would look good on this car


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              Keep it the way it is... Find a way to loose some weight and add the basic in-take and out-take mods for a good torque. Spend some money on some good suspension (not familiar with domestic drifter setup).

              So you're telling me that you've been driving since your 12? and since that Camaro's are long.. you must've been 5'5 - 5'10 when you where 12?.. meaning you're about 6'0 by now?

              Where you from again?
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                I got somethin' for ya

                Here you go...


                They make a crapload of suspension parts for your type of car. It's what they did before they got ahold of Toyota's new Celica.

                Power for that car is up to you, sounds like you know what you want, but you're looking for somebody else to tell you. If you're not wantin to go small or big block because of weight, maybe a blower kit for that 6? Probably should rebuild it first, in which case you could build it hard-core NA for about the same cost. Look up crazyhawaiian, he's got a car like you, see what he's done, maybe he could shed some light. Enjoy


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                  CENTERLINE wheels.

                  There nice, and have a DEEP dish.


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                    Yes you can do all those things but lets look at this in monetary terms. For the amount of money that you are planning to spend plus the amount of the car were you to sell it, you can get a pretty nice 240 or an FC. I know where a 95 is right now in great shape for 3200. You can do the Camaro but if you do no engine mods and all suspension, at the end of the day you are still in a 2.8 v6. Now don't get me wrong, there are some mad 2.8's out there. There's one in Atlanta that's twin turbo in a 510. That thing is a freaking terror. But he's got ALOT of money tied up in that thing. I think at last count after fixing everything that broke, 80,000 dollars! But then again it's got formula 1 suspension, can am brakes, Tec 2 stand alone, everything was custom carbon fiber in the car and it even had an oil slick in the rear at one time and re-inforced bumpers to ram people. The guy that had it built owns a market called Harry's farmers market. He had it built to take his deposits to the bank and to run with his friends Lambo's. It was built by
                    Turbo Tom Atlanta .

                    But I would probably try to sell that car (unless you are romantically attached to it ) and do the 240 route. In the end I think you will be more happy going down that road.
                    The link that the photos were on is
                    Bryan Feldman


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                      i havent had the camaro but for 9 days and when i was 12 i was drivin my brothers little nissan lowrider and i am about 5'11" now and i am from south carolina, havent heard of any drifting events but have found a few guys who heard about it and done research that do it for fun, i dont really know that much about the setups of drifter cars so if anyone could give me some specific mods to do to this i wold greatly appreciate it, and by the way my monies kinda tight, oh and would it totally kill the image of the camaro to put a small wing on it just for some downforce??


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                        [i] oh and would it totally kill the image of the camaro to put a small wing on it just for some downforce?? [/B]
                        yes. So sorry, in my eyes, domestic cars were meant in either NASCAR or NHRA.

                        crazyhawaiian got a nice setup, why dont you ask him, what his set up is.


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                          Speak of the devil and his borther shall appear. Here is a couple of photos of Bryan Feldmans car. This thing is a BEAST!! Tubo Rotary 510, 10 inch tires under the factory wheel wells. This car is insane. Feldman does some of the BEST quality work I have ever seen. Good guy too, real fast to answer tech qeustions (as long as you don't write them in all caps) and cool to converse with. Wish his site was still fully up. It was filled to the brim with all sorts of info. Anyway here is his 510. I'll see f I can find pics of the other one.
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