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Tomei Genesis SR20 That Good??

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  • Tomei Genesis SR20 That Good??

    they want about 1,300,000yen for one of these engines. I know its a race ready built motor. But is it really worth it? And is it really that good?? Ne1 have one, i doubt it tho but does someone know a bit more about them??? Types of valves, cams, rods, pistons, etc. Its gotta be a badass motor for $13,000.
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    saw it run at RS*R in chicago. It sounds dope and it wasn't to tuned but still pulled nicely.


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      list of Tomei motors in USA that i know of.

      1. Non Fujita s14
      2. RS*R Hayashida's s14


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        Is Tomei motors that good? Just wondering. Everyone seems to be oogling over their stuff...


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          If you consider the fact that they've been running in JGTC for several years and the engines tuned by them didn't brake too frequently you should be able to figure out that these parts are REALLY good. Tomei is not a young company and has lots of experience in motorsports, including drifting (think JIC Magic - Tomei S15 - siiiick!).


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            WOW... How about companies like JUN who do full service work?

            So Tomei is that good... Cool Thanks for letting me know. I didn't know


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              most of us will never afford them tho, can't really have my car shipped over to JUN's garage and shipped back either.

              That Genesis is basically a nightmare motor that i'll never get my hands on...

              Wondered if anyone knew the compression ratio, bore/stroke, torque and hp numbers.



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                You lazy man, shouldn't the Tomei website be good for checking the engine specs?

                Craftsman, is that sarcasm or what?