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FC3S Drivers Sub zero start tank

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  • FC3S Drivers Sub zero start tank

    Does anyone know anything about the Sub zero starting tank in the FC's?? Cuz mine was unplugged, and i plugged it back in and my car started flooding every time i drove it. I just unplugged it today and it hasnt flooded since. Dunno if it just coincidence or if it actualy did somthing. Help anyone?
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    maybe you only got to plug it in when you need fuel to start it in Sub Zero temps. I wouldn't worry about it really if your car runs fine without it plugged in. Or you can do like I did hook a toggle switch up to the fuel pump and shut it off for a few seconds to burn the fuel out while you're crankin it up. I'm no FC expert though so don't quote me.


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      Ok never mind about the tank. It wasnt that. It flooded again twice today!! I'm so angry!!! Somone know what it could be? Mabey i'll pull the injectors and clean them. I dunno.


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        is it flooding when you shut it off? just pull the injector fuse crank it a few times then try to start it up. You may be suffering from the rotary hot start problem.


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          yeah if the motor is hot and you step on the gas before you start it you may need to clamp off the fuel line and then crank it a few times , this usually only happens when its hot


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            Um sorry musta said somthing wrong there. When its COLD it floods. When its hot it doesnt.....


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              your injectors could be leaking and or might need a cleaning. check the injector grommets if there old it might cause the injectors to leak do to shrinking.