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HELP! info on HONDA DOCH 1.6 engine. what is it?

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  • HELP! info on HONDA DOCH 1.6 engine. what is it?

    hey, sup' everyone. here's the thing, i'm bout to take delivery of a 1993 Civic Si Sedan. i can't figure out what engine does it have. i thought it would have a d-series maeby a d16z6. for what i could see it packed a 1.600 DOHC black valve cover. the Specs sheet said it was a 1600 DOHC 24valves. *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored*, can;t figure this out. i'm in CARACAS VENEZUELA. but the car is USDM, some guy bought it here. so what is this engine in my car? a d16? i don't know much bout honda's d series, so help out, i know that u guys know the ansewer i'm looking for.. is it any good? is it a Vtec? does it have 24 valves? how many for intake, and for exhaust? could it be a B series? i dont know if i'm right but i think for it to be 24 valves it would have to be a n i-Vtec system right? help me out, i need to know if it's a good power plant. it's in a 1993 civic Si sedan.

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    Hola, bienvenidos at los forums de Primero, deja decirle que no muchos de nosotros sabemos de honda. Si quiere hablar in espanol, enviame un pm.

    Now in english, not alot of us know about hondas. If anything its a B16A but thats all I know. You might wanna check out some honda forums.


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      Re: HELP! info on HONDA DOCH 1.6 engine. what is it?

      Originally posted by Caracas_drifter
      . the Specs sheet said it was a 1600 DOHC 24valves. *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored*, can;t figure this out. i'm in CARACAS VENEZUELA. .
      hmm... remove the stickers.


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        Are all D-series engines SOHC?????

        B16B motors have a red top. and only come in Type R civics.

        b16A engine comes with the 6th generation UDSM civic and 96+ Civic SiRII (japan) and Vti (europe)

        b16 came with Sir and SiRII anmong other JDM .

        mine is black top Dohc. 1.6

        look at the pic and tell me what's the engine's code... this is another engine though. it's my friends car and he keeps saying it's a us B16
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          the engine code is on the block.
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            A good site online for honda information is they can be asses, but so can people on here. Just ask them and they will answer it for you.

            D series are all sohc and im pretty sure they are all 12 valve.
            B are double over head cam
            H are double over head cam
            F series are double over head cam.
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              Probably a D16Ax, where "x" could be 8 or 9. D16Z's and Y's are all SOHC from what I remember.

              I already wrote about it in the other topic you've made, why didn't you keep it in one place?
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                nope dude thats a twin cam so its a B series not a D


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                  D16A's were DOHC! How many times should I repeat it? Dang, people, read what do others write!

                  EDIT: Sorry guys, that was in the other topic.

                  DriftingNewbie, D16A8's and A9's were DOHC, and D16Zx and Yx series were SOHC. I don't know if there's any of those with 12 valves, and there's a strong possibility that all of those use 16 valves.

                  B series are all DOHC except B20A1, which is SOHC. Large number of them has VTEC.

                  H series were ALL DOHC. Only three of them didn't use VTEC: USDM H23A1 and EUDM H23A2/A3.

                  And last but not least, F series: mostly SOHC with some DOHC variants, some equipped with VTEC.

                  That should be it.
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                    Looks like a ZC to me - DOHC 24v D16A1

                    A good motor for transplanting into a EF hatch or for turbo'ing


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                      D16A1 was only available in the US (no catalytic converter, no VTEC, 113hp) for Integras from 86 to 87, and it DOESN'T have 24 valves. It would need to use 6 valves per cylinder!


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                        HONDA DOCH 1.6 engine
                        Damn, a dual over cam head? Those Honda people are sure at the cutting edge of technology.


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                          Must have been a typo


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                            haha... of course... either that, or he's really onto something. well, I can't even imagine how a system with that description would work...

                            err, wait. I guess technically, a pushrod V8 would have "dual over cam heads" :P
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