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Top American drift cars?

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    right now.... a 1991 Volkswagen Golf GTI and a 1988 Chevy Camaro. I just sold my Dodge Ramcharger, I'm looking at a real 240 sedan next weekend. I got a thing for Volvos.

    Here's a lousy picture of my Camaro and GTI for you, just for the sake of proof.

    Perhaps you do know "as much engine wise" as I do. Many many many many people know so much more then me it's not funny. On the other hand I haven't really seen any evidence of your practical experiance or knowledge, the only things you usually post are pictures.

    I don't like "street racing" much, I don't like the "tuner lifestyle" and all that hooey, and I don't much care for racing teams that aren't real racing teams and should be refered to as clubs at best. When I do any spirited driving on the street I do it either alone or with one or two friends who I can trust. I don't cross yellows or other foolishness and it still makes me nervous. I have seen too many mistakes and close calls by others to feel confident driving to the limit like some people while on public roads. I like to maintain a margin of safety for the sake of others. When I practice my car controll or drifting I do it in a secluded and empty parking lot where there is nothing to hit but curbs if I blow it. When I drive on the street I mostly work on smoothness.

    How old are you? Do you even have a liscense? I can assure you that experiance does matter. What I know now about driving a car would have helped me a great bit only 3 years ago. Yes age and experiance matter, they matter a great bit. This is coming from someone who got schooled this very night by a friend 8 years my senior.
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      Re: the list!

      Originally posted by DRIFTER-M
      1. Mustang(any)
      2. Camero
      3. Firebird
      4. Saturn Ion redline
      5. Crossfire
      ---*COUGH* get MIATA *COUGH*
      1) its camaro, not "camero"

      2) a saturn ion? are you kidding me? hello front wheel drive.

      3) did you know a camaro and a firebird are the same thing?


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        k reading this heres what im gonna add.


        crown victorias, the box style can get a 5.0 adn the later ones have a 4.6 modular.


        stay away from 96+ if you wanna go cheap. not only are the modular engines crappy, they are expensive and overall they suck from a cheapness standpoint. if you want the revised sn95 platform get a 94-95 car. they still have the 302 and are cheap cheap cheap to make power. not to mention the 300tq stock as in the 87-93 5.0 fox. you want torque for drifting. and subframes as mentioned earlier.

        however, any mustang minus 03+ cobras will NOT keep up with a 93+ z28, stock for stock. and the lt1 responds to mods about the same as a 5.0, however the against the ls1 the 5.0 stands no chance unless your talking about dollar for dollar.

        c4 corvette. can be expensive, if your maing a racecar out of it its fine, still expensive

        3rd/4th gen camaro.

        3rd gen. stay away from the 305. it sucks. if anythign replace it with a carbed 350. cheap, fast, proven, lots of aftermarket. hell you can get circle track parts for dirt cheap to make power on a sbc. also stay away from autos. if your smart and know how to turn a wrench, get a v6, pull it out, put a carbed 350 in there with a posi and some springs/shocks. also these cars have no steering angle stock, so be prepared to need to adress that problem. i know this from 1st hand experience.

        el camino= teh win.

        monte carlo/ monte carlo ss/ regal / cutlass
        gbody platform, same as el camino. pretty much same idea as 3rd gen. the stock motors suck. put a carbed 350 in there and some basic suspension mods. cheap and easy. prolly wanna work on the steering angle. go to for some ghettofabulous gbody suspension advise in that area.

        roadmaster/impala ss/caprice classic.
        big cars, lt1 engines available. basically chevy crown vic. big fat car, with a variant of the camaro engines.

        muscle cars

        i dont know where to begin. old school 'cuda/chevelle/camaro/mustang/torino/charger etc would work great. and theres huge aftermarkets for all. hell a vega would work....

        just remember this

        if it has an engine, that sends power to the rear wheels, there is a way to drift it. stock. if theres ANY aftermarket for the car it will make it easier, b/c someone has already pioneered, developed, tested and found out what works for you. this is why a fox body mustang or a 3rd/4th gen f-body or even a g-body would make a good semi modern american drift car.

        however, old school muscle ( muscle cars died in 73, dont believe what burt reynolds says although he is my role model ) anything will have a huge aftermarket. so anything sporty from about 68-72 would be a prime canidate for a drift car, this is when america put out some of /most the finest vehicles ever to roll onto a showroom floor. 72 gas and insurance started to kill off the performance, in 74 all hope was lost with the launch of the mustang II and the official death of all things muscle until the slow rise of american muscle in the late 80s to its present state its in now.

        do your homework, and you cant go wrong.


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          i think mostly any RWD car with a powerful engine, anyone think of the viper and gto, its prooven they're good drifters, especially the viper with a good chassis and balance. personally i think most any properly tuned corvette in a good drift car


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            Parry no picture needed I believe you. And ok you win my ""team"" is just a ""club"". But anyway, I am not into all the crap about driving like a moron on the road either. I can't stand when people drive illegally on the roads, like you mentioned crossing double lines. Yes it is super stupid I agree. And I agree with you about most points. I also strongly agree with how you said you drift in a controlled safe environment, as do I. No street show off drifting for me, as I am really not into that. Also Parry, sorry but I will not give out my exact birthdate on the internet, but yes you are close. I am not very old at all. Yes I am older than 14(unlike 60% of the people on here), and yes I am older than 15. Anyway if it's cool with you can we stop the senseless flamming wars between us? It is just dumb. Anyway just wanted to clear a few things up.
            Also, even though I am not really into american cars, the camaro*as corrected by ris4drift* is a really cool drift car, and very unique. Also I love you idea of getting a volvo. That is nowhere near as common as my 240 plus a good drift car.