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  • (FAQ Sheet) Please Read

    We are working on a "FAQ sheet" to help improve the forum. If you have SERIOUS suggestions then please post them up.

    <FAQ Sheet>

    Posting (Content)
    -Content MUST be related to DRIFTING
    -Thread posts must STAY ON TOPIC.

    Post (Warning)
    Do NOT post about:
    -Import Models
    -The Super Bowl
    -Illegal drifting
    -Illegal downloads

    CONTENT (Example: Any text or images such as avatars or signature images)
    -Can NOT be offensive
    -Offensive content can be removed WITHOUT warning

    Signature Images (NOT WANTED) & Avatar Info

    1-Signature IMAGES are NOT wanted on the forum.

    LARGE or OFFENSIVE signature images are more likely to be removed WITHOUT warning or explanation.

    2-Also, OFFENSIVE or inappropriate avatars will be removed WITHOUT warning or explanation.

    A topic that will usually catch on fire:
    -Will a videogame prepare me for the D1 Grand Prix?

    Posting (Location)
    -Post in the CORRECT forum
    -Do NOT post the same message in MORE than one forum.

    General Forum VS the DRIFTING Forum
    -The DRIFTING forum is where TRACK TALK and TECHNIQUE should be discussed.
    -All other topics should fall in the General forum. (EX. event schedules and team updates)

    NEW Members
    -Please use the SEARCH TOOL.

    Search Tool (Location and Use)
    -Before asking a question FIRST use the SEARCH TOOL.
    -The Search Tool Button is located in a row of buttons ABOVE the main forum section. (The buttons are currently PURPLE.)
    -Some questions may JUST be a VARIATION of an old topic.
    -If someone posts a question that has already been discussed then “KINDLY” refer them to the previous thread or the search tool, or just IGNORE the post. DO NOT respond with an INSULT.

    -If you DISAGREE with someone then your response must be RESPECTUL and clear or just IGNORE the post.
    -Do not cuss or use bad language
    -Do not make racist or sexist comments
    -If problems occur then you can Report the Post to a Moderator.
    -If someone posts INNACCURATE information your response must be RESPECTFULL. Also, the post should be reported.

    Report a Post to a Moderator (Instructions)
    -Locate the “Report this post to a moderator” link near the BOTTOM-RIGHT corner of the post that needs to be reviewed.

    Thread Titles
    -Do not create misleading or ANNOYING titles.

    -Where can I learn how to drift?
    Visit the DRIFTING School Section of the Drifting Directory.

    Q-Which cars are good for drifting?

    -Use D1 Grand Prix Driver profile as a reference.

    -Can I drift a FF car?
    YES, but FR is BETTER

    -Can I drift a AWD car?
    YES, but FR is BETTER

    Signature IMAGES:
    -Signature images can be removed without notice or warning
    -LARGE Signature images are not allowed

    “ask not what this forum can do for you--ask what you can do for this forum”

    This means contribute USEFUL content or help deter problems by reporting posts to a moderator.

    Knowledgeable members can submit text for the homepage headlines if their information is accurate and they believe that their content deserves attention and will benefit the site.
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    *clap clap* THANK YOU winding master!!! this is what this forum needs...keep up the good work


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      Do not post, the Is this a Good Drift car? Are these parts good? this and that with out first using the serach button to find if its mentioned anywhere else.


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        Looking good, will this be (atempted) required reading before entering the forums? I think this should work nicely (it did for my local board).


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            Isnt there the worlds largest collection to drifting related websites sitting on the main page of this website??


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              Yes,but people haven't noticed them.They seem to just go straight to the board.


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                Hey, I didnt want to waste space by making a new thread, but Mods or whoever this concerens you should make a package deal and sell both those 2 vids(drift bible,drift review) togreather, Just a thought...


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                  THis is great. Were cleaning up the boards and coming back together. Now people wont be embarrssed by this site. Lets keep it up guys.


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                    Maybe we can get cordes back. haha you know he's watching just not logged or replying to any threads.


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                          yeeeeee dawg


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                            Would there be a way to have more indepth tech write-ups?

                            Maybe include something about pros and cons of KA and SR swaps...