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Is it possible to drift a go-kart?

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  • Is it possible to drift a go-kart?

    I was just wonderin if it was possible to drift one of those little go-karts that you can ride at those little go-kart circuits. this is just for my peace of mind cuz its not like i'll actualy try it of it is possible *cough* *cough* but i'd just really like to hear wut anyone has to say.

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    First off, change your name. If your name is Wannabe, then that's all you will ever be. Body follows mind my friend. We already got enough of them running around without you having it in your name. Second. If you want to know if a Go-Kart will drift, go do it. Check these things out for yourself before asking on a forum. It just makes you look lazy and lumps you in with every other person that is too lazy to do things for theirself. Get out there man and be the ball.


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      hey, thanks for the advice. i'll cange my name to a less demeaning one. well i guess i'll go try it out the go-karts then. thanks.


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        lol, try the slick-track at speed way.


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          First of all hi 2 every1 here just found this forum site, wow n ive read a lot of stuff this place is awesome i read some real intrestin n helpful stuff! ok now drifterwannabee yest me n my friend drifted at a go cart track in a place where its sort of downhill n well yea answer is yes its possible, the way we both did it at least is understeerin (gettin the front to lose control or grip n it helps if the go carts have RWD as well (msot do i think)