Meanwhile, at the #PapadakisRacing shop… #V8 #FRS


Meanwhile, at the #PapadakisRacing shop... #V8 #FRS


  1. ciscoo_sws profile image
    ciscoo_sws 25 September, 2014 at 21:15 Reply

    Lol eww why ford?? Bahahah that’s a 5.0 beast for ya. Glad someone’s doin a Ford swap, not that its uncommon but need a little more diversity, nothing nut 2jzs and ls series

  2. tommyhubert profile image
    tommyhubert 25 September, 2014 at 21:38 Reply

    Ford stands for big fucking piece of shit. BFPS take the f put it in the front take the b turn it into an o take the p turn it into a r and take the s and turn it into a d. Coincidence I think not.

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