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Nakamura Naoki Arrested For Street Drifting


Nakamura Naoki Arrested For Street Drifting

Nakamura Naoki, Arrested on Suspicion of Street Drifting In Japan…40299000c.html

大阪 Osaka

Traffic law violation: they arrested on suspicion of drift racers – Minoo / Osaka

As repeated in the mountains of dangerous driving Minoo City, traffic police department has 11 investigators, a professional racer, Mr. Nakamura Naoki (28) Sakurai, Nara-City, Toyama, a 16-man traffic law violation and colleagues (co-risk behavior ) announced that it has arrested.

Suspect arrest Nakamura early morning on August 1 last year, using a car modified in the way government’s 粟生間谷 Minoh, sideslip at high speed vehicle “drift” was driving dangerous, such as trying to.

According to the MPD, Mr. Nakamura has won the domestic competition have experience racer drift. “I wanted to practice” and that the suspect admitted. 【茶谷亮】 [R.] Chatani


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