Nissan GT-R Vision Gran Turismo


Nissan GT-R Vision Gran Turismo - Content Source

Nissan GT-R Vision Gran Turismo – Content Source–nissan-previews-the-future-of-gt-r-with-vision-gran-turismo-concept-043121397.html


  1. fattmatt702 profile image
    fattmatt702 16 June, 2014 at 08:01 Reply

    @gianteffindonkey Ya I’ve already read up on it. Not the biggest fan of its looks but def curious about everything else. Looking forward to it. It’s coming any day now if I remember correctly.

  2. gianteffindonkey profile image
    gianteffindonkey 16 June, 2014 at 15:05 Reply

    @fattmatt702 yeah im not liking all the ultra futuristic designs everyone is coming up with. But we are going to have accept the fact that these cars will eventually become a thing and a normal accurence.

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