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  • POSTED ON 1/6/2013 randyishere 3h @mikey_vang_s14 @boostdaily dave_dreiss 3h what would you call that camo? boostdaily 3h Obnoxious @mikey_vang_s14 @randy_2jz albert_s14 3h ...
  • Garage Boso V8 S15 Test Video

    Ross Petty tested the Garage Boso V8 S15 before Formula D Long Beach. http://www.drifting.com/forums/general-chat-drifting-discussion-news-and-site-updates/29558-ross-petty-v8-s15-silvia-for-2011-a.html
  • (VIDEO) ROSS PETTY V8 S15 Silvia

    ROSS PETTY V8 S15 Silvia CONTINUE/COMMENT HERE http://www.drifting.com/forums/general-chat-drifting-discussion-news-and-site-updates/29558-ross-petty-v8-s15-silvia-for-2011-a-4.html#post252452
  • Corvette 6.2L V8, ROSS PETTY Silvia

    photo from the Garage Bobo Facebook Account Corvette 6.2L V8, ROSS PETTY V8 Silvia for 2011 ,COMMENT HERE http://www.drifting.com/forums/general-chat-drifting-discussion-news-and-site-updates/29558-confirmed-ross-petty-v8-silvia-for-2011-a.html#post245286 Corvette 6.2L V8, ...