Taka Aono – 2005 Formula Drift Irwindale – “why he is the last of the Formula D Toyota Corollas”


Taka Aono – 2005 Formula Drift Irwindale – “why he is the last of the Formula D Toyota Corollas” – Speedhunters Speedhunters.com/2012/08/taka-aono-the-last-star-fighter


  1. teamdrift_tribejordan profile image
    teamdrift_tribejordan 27 June, 2014 at 12:56 Reply

    @driftingcom sadly i think taka is the last of a dying breed. Hes the only person to use 1 chasis his entire formula d career, and has done so since the beginning of formula drift. Others have tried it but swap out for something you can easily put a v8 in because its become a power deal. Sideways drag racing. Taka doesnt v8 swap because the 1uz toyota made isnt a very good engine because of its tourque curve and he wont LS swap because he thinks putting another manufactorers engine in the 86 would be dis-respectful to toyota. Taka is one of the most dedicated drivers and most hard working drivers you will ever see in formula drift. Watch some in car footage of him at long beach, he works his ass off inside that car.

  2. silei8hty profile image
    silei8hty 27 June, 2014 at 13:29 Reply

    Aono, a true Drifter. Drifting is a Japanese sport, why cant it stay Japanese. No v8 swaps and all this shiz.. i respect drifters that haave amazing v8 swaped drift weapons/1200hp nos 2jz soarers theyre amazing builds and amazing drivers, but the true drifting sport is faiding away.. but drifting was so much better when rx7s had rotarys, silvias had sr20s & ae86s had 4ages, and the lack of power was fixed with driver skill, not easy way out (a v8 swap).. Drifting is becoming such a big sport i think there should be classes and regulations for each class, so 4ages in ae86 dont have to battle v8 s14s. 1200hp 2jzs dont vs 400kw sr20 silvias.. V8 swaps are easy power & more reliable, cheap, i understand that, but to some having a challenge with your 4cyl engine is all part of the fun, my thoughts anyways.. dont rage at me lol

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