That one time…. @fredricaasbo @vaughngittinjr Cant wait to kickoff Round 2 – @roadatlanta next week! #formulad #formuladrift #tbt


That one time.... @fredricaasbo @vaughngittinjr Cant wait to kickoff Round 2 - @roadatlanta next week! #formulad #formuladrift #tbt


  1. idratherbedrifting profile image
    idratherbedrifting 1 May, 2014 at 19:18 Reply

    I remember seeing this up close. People that say that was an awesome start are stupid. You wrecked… something cool just happened to happen when you did. Not to mention he just kept driving like nothing happened until fredric aasbo chased his him down. Nice sportsmanship from Vaughn gitten…. oh and if im not mistaken he still ended up going to the next round… ridiculous.

  2. justinleeboswell profile image
    justinleeboswell 2 June, 2014 at 03:13 Reply

    Lol vaughn was like “fucking go pussy??” He probably expected the guy in front to slam into the corner like a pro but instead he started a bitch drift… All the money invested in these teams && they can’t give the scion a better driver? Shit happens I guess.

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