Who agrees with this? I can dig a Skyline but I luuuv Supras. (Via @downshift_matyi)


Who agrees with this? I can dig a Skyline but I luuuv Supras. (Via @downshift_matyi)


  1. __camshaft__ profile image
    __camshaft__ 2 December, 2014 at 10:56 Reply

    @pmalavasil I don’t really have a thing for imports or jdm cars whatever they’re called. The only reason I like the skyline was because it used to race in touring cars against the holdens and fords…. To be honest I like muscle cars….. The fast and the furious turned me off Honda civics and that…. To many people with a $2000 car and spoilers that only formula one cars should have !!

  2. erikbenedikt profile image
    erikbenedikt 2 December, 2014 at 12:49 Reply

    Supras engine and power train can handle a LOT more power stock & when built + puts it down reliably. The stock 2JZ in my car has been at 700+WHP for over 2 years now and has seen plenty of abuse (drag/ roll racing & drifting) And you can’t forget the fact that you can also get supra parts and support loads easier then for the skyline. Skylines are great cars, but you guys are dreaming if you think it’s a better package overall..

  3. love4boost profile image
    love4boost 2 December, 2014 at 14:16 Reply

    Depends on the race. Supra will always be better at drag racing and cheaper to reach any power goals, but skylines are beast for road racing with endless limits for it.

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