Why do you Deserve a FREE Ticket? FORMULA DRIFT Long Beach April 9th 2011


Why do you Deserve Deserve a FREE Ticket? FORMULA DRIFT Long Beach April 9th 2011

A few entries..

My little life story…
Well not to sound to corny but i guess i should put my little life story out there…..
My name is spencer,
at the moment i am 16 years old, when i was around 13 Me and my father went to see a movie called tokyo drift…..
Now this was a big event for me, see i didn’t get to see my father very much, and if i did it would only be for maybe an hour, if i was lucky…
for my mother and father had divorced :/
and my dad had a big job up north.
so when i did get to see him i was happy, but it was awkward because we barley knew each other…
but when we went to see this movie we bonded like father and son, finally…
once i saw the movie, i was hooked to say the least.
but only 13 i could only drift in video games
and watch videos of it on youtube….
and around that time i feel in love with the rx line<3 Rotary fascinated me. so i though if i am going to get an rx7 (when im old enough) i better start saving up, and i better start learning about Rotary and suspension and weight distribution and all of that, so at 14 (now living with grand parents because of issues with moms drug abuse) I started learning everything i could learn of the internet and books. (to this day i think i know more about rotary than anyone is this god forsaken town -_-) because from 14-16 i was glued too a computer, ipod touch, or book reading about rotary and drifting techniques, so much that i had passed alot of what adults knew about rotary then way passed what they knew ("its a triangle spinning inside a circle, Right?") to quote an auto mechanic here in bakersfield-_- besides watching drifting online i had never even seen it for real until my friends tried to get me to go drifting in there parents FWD, Automatic Acura, i was laughing at this idea and wanted to see what happened when they tried to drift it, so i came along, the first time he tried we slid off the road, hit a dirt pile and rolled the car... -_- the second we came back on the wheels, the first words said were me, "You *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored*".... I had broken my collar bone in the crash, the others, scratches and bruises -_- Besides that, no drift in real life so far... untill.... About six months ago i bought an fc3s rx7 that i had been saving up for a long time to get. I Was So Happy but sadly a few days after my mother committed suicide... :/ it was a verry sad time for me even know i finally had my baby.. Renee.. yea i named the fc.... i bought her for 600 a few months later when i was out of the deep depression and guilt i had felt.. i got a check because my mom had passed away , 5 grand.. yea, apparently we had some indian in us or something like that.. O.o so i vowed to spend every penny on my baby renee. and i did. I had to install everything my self including the new clutch i had gotten(at this time dad was in jail for driving without a license, and he had an unregistered fire arm in the car) But he got out about a month ago, and is helping with the car now, even know most is said and done, i just need to install front mount intercooler, rest of the body kit, and paint her up and hes helping now and you know even with the mods i cant drift because there`s no where to practice with out getting arrested... yea.. they take it that seriously around here.. one time i tried to drift and some redneck in a raised truck was following me and trying to take pictures of my license plate.. -_- but like i said, with my dad, we dont know a lot about each other, but were both fascinated with drifting, and i think a father son trip to formula drift would cause a nice amount of father son bonding, of corse i would have to drive.. someone has a suspended license ;D isaac_all_day
Hi, my name is Isaac and i just turned 17. i just bought my first car, a “GHETTO” 89 HONDA CIVIC DX, IT’S STICK SHIFT (WAY BETTER THAN AUTOMATIC) but i bought it with my own money so i’m proud, i worked hard for it. It’s hard to do that without any parents help. Ive always been into cars, i remember my older bro talking to me about cars as early as when i was 8 years old. I would watch movies and shows about cars but now more recently i’ve have been watching realistic shows, episodes, and documentaries about cars. I’m even enrolled in cool mechanics class in NORTH VALLEY OCCUPATIONAL CENTER in SUN VALLEY if you know where that is but anyway that class is very interesting, it teaches you about all areas of the car. I have learned about auto body, motor, electrical wiring, and a lot more. Every day when i got to school i look forward to going to that class, it’s so sick. Well a few of my friends went last year, i really wanted to go but i didn’t fit in the car, do you believe that, man that sucks, i was sobbing for a week. when they got back they showed me videos, pictures and all the stuff they got at the event. I thought to myself, no matter what I’M going in 2011. Now that i have a car, oh man, i would be a happy kid getting the ticket and being able to going in my car, it would be a blast. I want to see the drifters, smell the burnt rubber, maybe get some autographs, take a few pics with the car girls and talk to the drivers and mechanics. I’ve seen drifting on movies and videos but I’ve never seen it in person, it would be so awesome if i could be there. Hopefully i could learn how to legitimately drift. In conclusion please consider me as a candidate for receiving a free ticket for the event. I would appreciate and use it well in having a great time at long beach.

thanx for reading!

Ive been following drifting since 2007 watching videos online and watching it whenever it would come on TV. Sometimes would go out with friends to a parking lot and watch them do donuts and attempt to drift. I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and panic disorder in October of 08 which caused me to be rather limited to only watching event on the TV and internet. I finally attended my first event at Raceway Park in Englishtown NJ for the 2009 Clubloose East Coast Bash when things seemed to be at a best as far as Lyme/Panic went. I literally could not have picked a better first event to go to. Unfortunately the rest of the season up until May of 2010 the Lyme had relapsed and it all went back downhill fast. I was treated again and regardless of me being sick i still pushed to work on my 240 so i would be able to drive the 2010 season. Sadly i missed all of the 2010 season for driving since the Lyme had prevented me from being able to hold a job. I was able to fight through the sickness and make it to the first 2 Drift Faction events at Lebanon Valley. I had bought tickets to go watch Formula Drift at the Wall Speedway in New Jersey but like 99% of other events I had tried to attend I was unable to attend due to how I was feeling and I ended up giving the tickets to a friend of mine. Since I wasn’t able to actually attend events i would call friends and ask how things were going or if it was a Formula Drift event I would watch it on Drift Stream. Other than that I pretty much lurked every forum I’m on for photos and videos of events or just random drifting videos trying to fill that void i was feeling from not being able to drive or attend. I spent most of the summer and fall of 2010 trying to work on my car and getting treated. As of now the Lyme seems as if its been suppressed and I can finally function as normal for once in nearly 4 years now. This year finally seems promising for me. The car is only hours away from being complete and I feel better than I have in as long as I can remember. I’m really hoping to finally be able to make it to Round 4 at the Wall to make up for all the missed events from the past 2 years.

I just really want to go watch an FD event in person since the closest I’ve gotten was watching it on a 44″ tv hooked up to my computer and with the surround sound as loud as I could put it without blowing out the speakers. Granted it was amazing to watch but the smell of tire smoke, race gas, and BBQ’s grilling was missing. This year I refuse to let anything get in my way of attending events.

So I have yet to witness a Long beach event. I’m good friends with a lot of those drivers, so I would love to get a chance to see these guys drive, as well as some of my buddies debut. I drive a dropped s14, most people know me as hammy, and have seen that this last year has been a *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored*ed up year. Last november, I recently got married, and during that time of paying for a crazy wedding, my car was impounded the day my registration expired, which was also the day before my court date to take care of all this nonsense. I ended up going to court to show the judge my registration has been payed since Feb, and this was November. She asked if I would like to fight the ticket, and allow for my license to be suspended till Dec. For those that know, I posted this on Zilvia.net. And had more than a ton of responses. I basically was in the position where I couldn’t allow for my license to be suspended (wife doesn’t work and I have two kids), so I had to pay this 600 fine. Went to the dmv to get my registration to get it out of the impound, and found out it was a third party hold on my insurance. A whopping 15 dollar fix. I had absolutely no money, so I posted my car for sale on zilvia stating…winning bid gets the car out of the impound and she’s yours. People started pming me asking to donate. I refused, I don’t accept donations, I’m not a bum on the streets…I work for everything. After my inbox was filled, my wife said…people are trying to help you, and you are taking that away from them. So I felt bad, cause I always help people, and set up a paypal. In 4 days people donated enough money to get my car out of the impound (about $800). I was *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored*ing shocked, and thanked God. This was more than a miracle. Got my car out…and now I’m a happy camper.

That’s my sob story…but really. I would love to take my kids….they are so into cars, that it’s amazing. When essa had his FC v8, I competed against him in my KA, and the kids came home making car sounds…and bouncing off the rev limiter. I would love to go to this…and take my family (total 4). If you can dontate two, I can buy another 2…if this enough of a story. ;D. Thanks wes, I get your messages on facebook. I’m also on ziptied…even though I’m not a complete asshole. as well as socal-drift.

I am currently working on the vinyl for chris licups formula d s14…and would love to see that in action other than watching the live feed on formulad.

thanks for the quick registration approval!


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