Why I drift a Ferrari – Federico Sceriffo



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This was an amazing interview! It has a crazy good video to it just like the Matt Field interview I did the same day. Sometimes the youtube content comes out so authentic and positive, and I was super happy to get to make this piece of content. Federico is such an amazing drifter, with so much history, so many stories, I feel like we didn’t even scratch the surface. After editing the video I have so many better and more interesting questions for him, such as where does he see himself with his program in 10 years, does he think he could bring Ferrari into the fold of drifting with their enormous racing budget and does he think drifting would grow large enough to gain their interest? He obviously is placing himself as a factory backed driver with a company that hasn’t put their toe in the water of drifting yet, with the added benefit of knowing they might have to regardless of their past stance on drifting, because that is where the youth market will be in the future, and the youth will be their new customers going forward.

Super cars drifting are about the coolest looking thing on earth, and it will be so interesting seeing the future of our sport as things progress. A side note, I just realized how hilarious it will be that Matt Field is going to be drifting a mid engine Corvette and Federico will be drifting a front engine Ferrari! What a crazy world we live in!

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