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  • More eight-six parts

    Sorry the whole car is not for sale anymore. I have gotten mostly low-ball offers so I am parting out the car to make more money.
    Exhaust: $500
    Brakes: $100
    F.Sway Bar: $125
    R.Sway Bar: $125
    Rims: $500
    ECU: $200 obo
    Map Sensor: $300 obo
    Clutch: $100
    Flywheel: $100
    Engine Head: $200
    TRD plug wires: $35
    LSD: $300 obo
    ITB's 2-V blacktop: $300
    The LSD is in new condition, absolutly nothing wront with it, will get pics in the next couple days. Things are selling quickly so if you want something please e-mail me.
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    so stuff i wanted is sold?


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      I e-mailed you about that telling you that the prices of everything on the suspension had gone up and that someone was willing to drive out from San Diego right away to pick up and to call me or e-mail me right away with a better offer. I didnt get an e-mail back for a week so he was here in 5hrs with cash in hand.


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        I told you id offer you more. You said that someone was going to buy the entire car and that you would have to wait. Told you from the start i would take them and that i would pay more. Bad seller.

        Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 16:16:57 -0800

        do you have the center piece for the tail light? how much for just the smoked corner lights? if there are not cracks or anything inthe skirts ill take those.. if you have the center piece for the taillights ill
        take those too.

        Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 14:10:32 -0800
        I have the center piece with the tail lights . I also have the smoked corner lights (one corner light has a small crack but barely noticible, pics are on my site). The side skirts are in good condition just need to be paiinted again. The lights are going for $175, corner lights $65, and side skirts $50. So it would cost $290 plus shipping. Let me know if you are still interested and I can get shipping prices. Someone is already interested in the tail light though and side skirts so if you can offerme,a little more (say $305 total+ shipping) they are yours. Brendan

        >Sent: Saturday, November 13, 2004 2:39 PM

        I still need to know if you are willing to offer me more for the tail lights since someone has already offered me $175. I will take $235 for everything if you want those 2 parts + shipping which I will try and get on monday.

        Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 16:13:15 -0800

        You got a deal. How much I shipping

        Date: Mon 11/15/2004 11:58 AM

        Sorry It will have to wait a few days. I have someone who put down a down
        payment on the car a few days ago and I just checked my e-mail. He is
        taking the sideskirts but isnt sure about the tail-lights. I will let you
        know later if he buys them or not.

        so that was the last email i got from you..nothing stating that you were gonna sell them from under me even though i offered the money that you wanted.? you said you were going to sell the car as a whole and not seperate parts . anyway, good luck on your sell. try to honor your sales next time.
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          You want to complain then complain but I conducted business like I should have. I had someone here in town willing to buy the car I had posted on every site I was selling on that I had to wail on all of the parts to see who had the higher bid on them. The person who bought the shell wanted all of the JDM parts pertaining to the body and was willing to pay a little extra and also help me dissasemble the car in his garage so we could get out the LSD, and suspension. I am sorry if you felt like you got robbed but I needed to make an immediate sale to pay rent, and a car payment, and he purchesed over 2.5k in parts. That doesnt make me a bad seller but a desperate one because I cant afford to get kicked out of the house I am in for not being able to pay rent. I do apologize if I acted unprofessional to you and I apologize for selling those parts without consulting you first.


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            what kind of LSD is it? zenki or kouki?

            cusco catch can complete? all the harware?

            map sensor complete? 300 including ecu, harness, dizzy so forth and so forth?

            ITB's complete? come with adapter? for bigport or small port?

            what type of sway bars?


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              My car is an 85 GTS which should be the Kouki model.
              Yes the catch can is complete with the can and hose.
              The MAP sensor is just the MAP sensor.
              ECU is plug and play so no wiring harness
              ITB's complete doesnt mean an adaptor or it would be more since one of those runs about $250. As stated the ITB's come with the throttle bodies, fuel rail, injectors, everything off of the 20V blacktop I took it off of. You will need an adaptor.
              Go onto my site for the products but the sway bars are as follows:
              Front is TRD and Rear is ADDCO.


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                Hey if you have a set of taillights name your price plus shipping to 75093


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                  The parts listed above are all that I have left.


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                    how much for the catch can shipped to 94708?


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                      hey do you have a set of lower control arms for sale, maybe strut pillow rods also? OEM or aftermarket?


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                        Need picture for LSD & Cusco catch can thanks



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                          Is the Cusco Oil catch can complete?
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                            check your PMs


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                              85 means zenki...86 is kouki...