Hey, I've got a few items to get rid of, I figure there are people here who might want some of them!

-S14 SE driver's seat w/ rails - $80
-Sparco Clubman 4pt 2" harness, red - $50
-Fake C-West bumper, lightly used, no damage whatsoever. Painted an ugly shade of green, but awesome other than that! - $100
-Sparco driver's side seat bracket, unused. - $80
-KC Daylighter off road lights, no wiring. (Needed wiring can be picked up as a kit at an auto parts store for ~$20) - 50
-Zenki center taillight piece w/ wiring and Nissan emblem
-S14 driver's side seatbelt, grey - make an offer
-Zenki stock front brakes and rotors - make offer
-S14 Navan wing. Silver. $150 or trade for a Pearl White one.
-Razo 300g shift knob. Gunmetal and CF. Includes box and inserts.

'95 KA parts, need to figure out what's still good. Head and related parts should be in relatively good condition.

Stock S14 suspension pieces: RUCAs, Front Tension rods, Rear Toe Rods, Rear Traction Rods.

Prices do not include shipping.

I'm easier to reach by Email, Lt_shin_kudou@hotmail.com