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1st gen, Turbo II FC, and parts...

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  • 1st gen, Turbo II FC, and parts...

    Prices are FIRM. I'm already taking losses on these and parting them out would be the best option financially but I don't have the time right now. Shipping is the buyers responsibility.

    1988 RX-7 Tubo II black w/ gray interior. Engine is blown. It was a rebuilt engine that the moronic owner managed to blow within three weeks. It has series 5 tail lights and a new clutch. The car is in pretty good shape except for a rough spot on the rear quarter panel (hard to describe but I have pics), the usual dings and a crack in the plastic part of the hood scoop (easy fix). The interior is also fair with the usual seat wear for old leather seats. I want $1000 for it as it sits. If you'd like me to install a jspec motor in it we can work something out.

    1984 GSL-SE (13B EFI, posi-traction rear) Yellow (horrible paint job...really), maroon interior (seats are shot and needs a few pieces); the car will start up and run fine for a while but after running for a few minutes under load it'll bog down and kill. It's probably an easy fix but I need to make room so it's got to go. I've seen these go on ebay for a couple thousand in pretty rough shape. Somebody backed into my rear quarter panel a couple of months ago and killed my chances of asking for that kinda cash so I will take the first $800 for it.

    4-lug base model FC wheels (phone dials) w/ like new Toyo tires $100

    S5 black TII mirrors $80

    I've also got a couple of 12A cores, trannies, driveshafts, and miscellaneous first gen stuff. For a local buyer (new Orleans) I'll take $150 for the whole pile of it.

    PM me for pics or if you're looking for other FC stuff let me know. I've got a couple of interiors, several sets of stock wheels, 5 lug conversions, and tons of spare parts I need to move as well. Just ask!

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    forgot to list...

    Series 5 rebuilt engine (core only, you'll need to use all of your own manifolds, oil pan, etc). $1000 VERY FIRM (cost me $1600)

    Also, a local guy is pulling his S4 NA motor/tranny out of his vert in a couple of weeks. He wants $400 for both. I just thought I'd pass that info along since it's a pretty good deal and it's being pulled from a running car.


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      Shipping to CA for the T2?


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        where is this car located?

        I am in North Carolina, and wanted to know where you are located?


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          everything is located in New Orleans, LA.

          Chas, I'm not sure it'd be worth it to ship to Cali. (usually $550-$750) I'm not to sure what you guys have floating around but after you bought the car, shipped it, and either rebuilt the motor or dropped in a Jspec it would probably be about the same as a ready to drive FC. But then, if they are going with blown motors for more than $1700 then maybe it'd be a good deal for you.