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1986 AE86 Corolla Twin Cam milwaukke area

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  • 1986 AE86 Corolla Twin Cam milwaukke area

    I have a 1986 Corolla AE86 Twin Cam for sale. i'm buying a BMW and don't have room to keep the car. It is in good condition, but it has a few problems like any used car. The Speedo Gear needs to be replaced, and it will need new Rear end gears. Other then That it runs great. Since i owned it, the only motor work i have done to it is change the water pump. The car has 214,XXX miles on it. It Has good paint, short shifter, louvers cutstom from a 84 supra, and pretty much all the stock parts. It has a 89 supra radio in it, nothing specail. When i bought it i changed all the brake rotors and pads, rear calipers, so they are less then a year old. I just had new tires mounted before winter. If you have any questions about the car E-mail me @
    I'm located in the milwaukee area. So if you are close i will try and work some thing out for you to see the car.

    I'm Asking $3000 OBO First person to bring me cash in hand for about what i'm asking will get the car.

    You Can View the car here

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    you know if it was a little warmer out, I'd make the journy up there, cash in hand. thats exactly what I am looking for. but I just hate the cold, and I think I see snow in that pic. if you still have it when the snow melts, i'd be up there


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      Hollywood: So wait you said that my car wasn't worth 4500 yet you would pay 3k for this car? It is stock....short shifter doesn't qualify as can get one for $100. mine is 1500 more and has new pads, rotors, etc that are less than 6 months old. Plus a 500 ring and pinion set, a 800 kaaz 2 way, 300 ACT clutch, 400 fidanza aluminum flywheel, 300 springs, 280 shocks, 400 front jdm bumper, 300 brand new konig rewinds, new wheel bearings, all fluids changed, new tires, and is also hella clean....and its not worth 4500 to you but this car is worth 3000? NOt to be bashing you car s2rx7, it does look nice but not 3k nice a stock corolla goes for 1500 or less. The car also has 214 on the odom. mine only has 120.....I just think its funny thats all


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        You are in TX, you try and find one like this CLEAN in WI, With the salt, and almost 20 years of snow and abuse. $3000 is good for a North Midwest 86. There are very few that are near the level of this one in this Area.


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          the thing is I do not care about mods, mods do not bring up the value of a car unless there is a waranty. besides your mods are are just basic up keep, clutch and suspension parts, things that have to be replaced anyway. not to mention, I do not like the way your car is set up, no ACT clutch, no spring and strut combo, if I had your car I would have to take all that stuff off. I dont mind modifying a car, after all I own my own shop, but I am deffinatly not going to pay extra for parts I am just going to take off


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            I am intrested in the 86, but i don't have money right now. Im from Mayville. bout an hour away from Milwaukee. i fell in love with that car when i seen it on Initial D and i've been searching for a year now. I WANT THAT CAR!!! i do have to agree that 3000 is pretty expensive for an 86. i know wut u mean bout it being clean. dont get me wrong that is a beautiful car. clean. but it's 19 yrs old and 214,xxx miles on it. i would want it more if the price was dropped.


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              If I wanted to do basic upkeep on the car I would have just bought OEM parts. When you buy a kaaz diff or act clutch, you buy them because they work better than the oem stuff does and are stronger. As far as warrenty most aftermarket racing parts don't have warrenties or if they do its just manufacturers defeacts on that part. But this is a pointless arguement because you are going to have your opinion and I am going to have mine. I totally understand the wanting to start out with a stock car to make it your own and put the parts that you want onto it. But when you do put a lot of work into a car, you do want to get something back for that and it will help someone else out who won't have to do those mods and can focus on doing otherstuff to the car. As far as the springs at struts I have on there I think they kick *Censored**Censored**Censored*....

              What kind of shop do you own buy the way?


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                oem parts tend to cost more then aftermarket. with clutches and suspension parts is cheaper to go aftermarket, but still thats stuff that you need to replace every so often.

                I am part owner of Track Ready Performance in FT Worth Texas, we prep cars for track use, mainly spec cars for SCCA racing


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                  Originally posted by s2rx7
                  You are in TX, you try and find one like this CLEAN in WI, With the salt, and almost 20 years of snow and abuse. $3000 is good for a North Midwest 86. There are very few that are near the level of this one in this Area.
                  do you have more pics of the car? maybe one of underneath?
                  I might be interested