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Watanabe Rs8's and 14" Riken silver mesh!! FS!!

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  • Watanabe Rs8's and 14" Riken silver mesh!! FS!!

    hi all,

    im selling a near brand new set of 16" watanabe rs8's with near new falken zeix tires 95+% very clean black with polished lip, as for the 14" Rikens they are silver with a polished lip also very good condition with 80% tires on all four... nice size lip too... i dont know how to post pix on this sight, so sorry for that, but email me for pix... im asking $800 for RS8's and $400 for the Rikens... as ive said both are whole sets and are in excellent condition with RS8's near brand new... and tires all in good condition, i used them on my ae86... i have 4 sets of wheels, and need some space... thanx.
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    pics are really easy to post here, when you make a post, look for the manage attachments under additional atachments, then when the boxes come up, click browse, then open the pic youwant and post it....


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      pix of the riken's

      here is the pix of the riken mesh...really clean cept just alil dirty...
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        one more

        one more pic...
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          800 total and youll ship anywhere? thats a pretty good deal, i may have to take you up on it. My AE86 is still getting 4K worth of body and paint, and will be there awhile. Im looking to aquire all the parts and pieces so it can be completed very quickly when i get it outta the shop. let me know


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            you are correct... i will ship anywhere, at your expense of course... but yea i did the exact same thing that your doing, had my hachi at the shop while i stacked parts... i have 4 different sets of rims... just need to get rid of these 2... very clean both of them... so let me know thanx


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              email me INTERESTED can pick up today (how wide are the rs8's)


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                Riken's still available? how wide are the Riken's? PM me or throw my an email. im at:

                if you happen to have anymore pics, please attach. thanks.



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                  Pm sent.
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