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FS/ 1987 na/ rx7 San Pedro (Socal Area)

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  • FS/ 1987 na/ rx7 San Pedro (Socal Area)

    Ok guys...well this will officially be my first post here. I've been reading the forums here and have to say, they are pretty informative and what not. Anyways, I have this 87 rx7 for sale. It was supposed to be my project car to start my drifting life, but I have to fix my eclipse since i got into an accident. Car says around 178k miles, but the guy I bought it from says it has a rebuilt motor with about 30k on it. I unfortunetly don't have any type of paper work from this guy, so it's just his word. Like i said it was going to be for a project but things have changed. So now I need to sell this and buy something else that will pass smog.

    The only thing that is wrong with the car imo, is the timing and a needed tuneup. The engine runs strong, but sometimes it feels as if it will stall out. Like i said, it won't pass smog, but a tuneup, timing and a new cat should do the trick. I found all this to be pretty reasonable for someone with a bit of extra cash floatin around. There is a shop called Rotary Power in Gardena, CA that will do the work for around 450. I also spoke w/ jeff about doing this work + re doing the injectors, and all could be done for about 1200. With the way the car runs, and all taht work, that engine would be awesome.
    Anyways enough small talk. I'm asking for 1400 obo for this car. I've maybe driven it 1000 miles since i've had it, as well as have installed the HKS power intake. My loss is your gain, as we have all heard before. Here are some pics.

    Well after being stumped by the img insertion tool, i'm just going to say if you want pics, leave me your email addy and i can send some.

    Ok let's try this...I just made an account on imagestation to post the pics. Hope it works

    ok...looks like u may need to make an account for this to work. It's easy if you want to take the time. takes about 30 secs @ the most.
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    ??? Is this the car I think it is???
    What color is it?
    send me some pics at
    or let me know if this is the car for sale (below)


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      No, it's a white 87 n/a without a spoiler. I'll send you some pics tonight when i get home from work.


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        please send pics to


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          I might be interested in a trade with cash for my Z31. Yes it will pass smog as soon as I put the factory cat and downpipe back on (has a 3" downpipe right now). email me some pics to also, does your fc have the 4 lug or 5 lug hubs?