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86 Toyota Corolla GTS RWD

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  • 86 Toyota Corolla GTS RWD

    Hello everyone. Im selling a red 1986 Toyota Corolla GTS Twin Cam Couple. This car is red. It reads 44K miles. It need a ton of TLC. It ran when I bought it I havent ran nor turn it on for about 2 years. It may need a new Oil Pan. This car has no carpet b.c was going to be a project car but Now I have no Time. I live in Lafayette, Indiana. Since this car is a project car. I would just sell it for around $300.00. Also it ran when I bought it. I ranned it for like 5 miles than left it off for about 2 years.


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    Hey I am really interested in this car. I'm pretty sure you meant it is a coupe, not couple, right? Do you have any pictures of the car? Have you tried to start up the car, and it won't run? Or has it just been sitting and you don't want to mess with it? Is there any rust, if so how much? Please tell me more, if you can I am always on AIM: Pullyafrontup . You can hit me up there anytime. Thanks
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      I'm very interested and will buy for $300, regardless of whether or not it turns on (unless it's an automatic....but even then I'd still say I'm interested). I would like pics and maybe some more information if you have it. Any wrecks? Rust? my email is if you wanna talk to me. Thanks


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        got pics other specs and things i need to fix? am willing to do so, email me personally at, i wont waste your time, so please dont waste mine. =D


        ps. thats an underscore btw between my 1st and last name


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          Hello Im srry I havent have time to get on But its still for sale. Im gonna take some pictures of it 2day on my cell. Also I not sure if it turns on cuz I dont want to mess with it. And its Red its a 5 speed and yes it is a coupe srry for the couple?? Email me at


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            Hey is it still for sale???
            If so i maybe i`ll ship it here.
            My location is washington,dc.


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              I'm in Chicago give me a call so i can take a look, could go by later today or tommorow
              Angel 773-406-1782