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    I'm putting my project up for sale. It is getting sold for personal reasons so don't ask. '91 240sx with a buttload of work done to it but a buttload of work left to make it complete. Running SR20DE motor on SR20DET electronics. Needs an AFC or some type of fuel management to make it run well (Will sell a factory refreshed Reytec with car if interested). KAAZ LSD, Ohlins coilovers (front right blown, but they are still usable). Random adjustable suspension pieces. 7-spokes all wheels wrapped in ES100s with some meat on them. Pivot stepping tach. Koyo Rad. Battery relocated. Rear sub frame spcers. Strut bars. Trust/Willams harness. Has 280zx front end with lift off hood. It has a dent in the passenger rear quarter panel and a gold deck lid. Paint is not so good. Jun Ultralight flywheel with exedy cramametalic 6 puck, pretty new. Momo steering wheel and hub. ARP wheel studs.

    Stuff not installed

    - GTiR quad throttle. requires a little drilling and grinding to make fit.
    - Also fuel rail for ^^ and 444cc injectors for ^^ (injectors, when they get here.
    - Also can get you some SR16VE pistons (pain in the *Censored**Censored**Censored* to locate) that are a direct swap out for the stock ones but will jack it up to 12.5:1 CR! (DON'T DO THIS WITHOUT THE KNOW HOW AND PROPPER TUNING ABILITIES AND RESOURCES).
    - Some old racing seat, fixed back, no bracket.
    - Some interior pieces.
    - Tein tie rods and rod ends (with angle extending spacer thing)
    - Books out the wazoo, incl. FSM.
    - Nismo thermostat.
    - Magnaflow hi-flow cat, used for an hour or so.
    - Plus anything else I can find that relates to the car if I am forgetting anything.
    - Full extra set of 7 spokes with ES100s that still have plenty of meat on them.

    3000 bucks

    If you want a factory refreshed, just left Tomei last week, Reytec with it. 4000. Comes with MAP sensor, IAT sensor, software and cables and an english manual.

    Car located in So Cal

    Call me 805-651-9192
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    AND it'll pass tech at drift day!


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      HAHA, dang straight!