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  • Wicked Pic selection

    Okay everybody here are is a link of all the rims that I have right now in my hands got to the link below and scroll down about half the page and check out the post that starts at The Wheel King, almost every single set of rims I have is posted there if you want more detailed pics let me know I have them. Pick the ones you want and let me know I will get you a will be impressed by the selection I PROMISE!!!!


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    Do you still have theSilver advanSA3A they look like they are 114.3


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      Veilside Andrew Racing V: specs & price?


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        Re: Wicked Pic selection

        Many of the pics look familiar. Are you just showing stock pics from places like Wheelchoice, Alta, and Jarco?

        I'll be in Houston at the end of the month and I can stop by and check out the inventory and make sure it's legit if anyone here is considering making a purchase. Got a shop address?


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          All legit.....

          Whats up man thanks for the inquiry, all of the pics that are posted at that link, except for one were taken in our shop, we have all of those rims in stock, I promise.
          Our address is:
          11346 Westheimer
          Houston TX 77077
          Tel: (281) 531-8882
          Fax: (281) 531-8892

          Anyway the only pic that we did not take is the one of the Work Magnesium Black wheels on the car, we have a set in stock but 15's only and we thought that the pic looked pretty cool so we posted it. Feel free to stop by or call us anytime and check us out, we have lots of other JDM stuff that nobody else can get, we are also the manufacturer of or own bodykits, better fitment and sizing than almost everybody. Anyway I would love for you to stop by to verify everything and just hang out ya know....

          Regards DriftaS15


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            Cool. I'll try to stop by and check it out. I'll be in North Houston visiting the 'rents but I have this awful habit of checking out shops when I'm on trips (much to my wife's dismay). So I'll try to swing by...I can probably drop her off at the Galleria or something. I've got a shop in New Orleans so maybe I can set up an account with you guys while I'm there. Got anything for FCs lying around? ...need to know if I need to bring my wallet or not. heh.


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              can you please post a larger pic of the nismo wheels. Id like to see them. thank you


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                I am jsut here to say hello, I am the guy that bought your SA3Rs tell Sam thanks for me. And to all questioning this plase, DONT. These are good guys and they sell at really reasonable prices. All of my friends have been totally impressed with the people that work there as well as thie rproducts. Nice work guys!



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                  Thanks Ryan I hope you like your wheels; please let us know if you need anything in the future.
                  To everyone else out there: If you are in the market for JDM parts or aerodynamics parts, please give us a try, we will try our best to take care of you.

                  We are having a H.I.D. sale right now!
                  H1, H7, 9004, 9006 in 6000K $350 shipped. If you are in Houston we will do it for $350 installed.
                  9006 10000K for $400 shipped.
                  H4 Hi/Low $450 shipped.


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                    Special! B magic aero kit for
                    1989-1994 Nissan 240SX
                    Front bumper, rear bumper, side skirt. Retail $825 sale for $750 full kit
                    Wide body also available also, if you are interested please Email us.

                    front bumper for the JDM S13

                    very high quality, perfect fitment