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Lots of NISSAN stuff for sale

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  • Lots of NISSAN stuff for sale

    All these prices are OBO but if I get one e-mail or call where someone asks me, "What is the lowest you will go?" I will stab you in the EYE!

    They are all here!

    click on the for sale link.

    If you need anything like any of the stock arm pieces or a sub frame or doors or something just shoot me an e-mail.

    This is part of an S13 part out.

    Get some good parts at some great prices, but more importantly, HELP FUND THE STARLET OF DOOM!!!

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    Added some stuff reduced some prices.


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      hey, i sent you a PM about cusco subframe spacers, and i woudl like the tanabe TC rods too

      let me know through PM




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        Everything still listed is still fs. Most prices are OBO, need to dump this stuff.


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          Some prices dropped, I need money to get a motor for my other project, give me a decent offer and it is yours. Come one TOMEI ECU WITH ALL ENGLISH STUFF INCLUDED, THAT TAKES WEEKS and LOTS of CASH TO PUT THAT DEAL TOGETHER. All the hard parts are done, takes about 10~20 mins to install! You will NEVER find a deal that good COMPLETE STAND ALONE ECU, RUNS ON A MAP SESOR. THROW AWAY THE RESTRICTIVE MAF SENSOR. Downloadable stock fuel map so you can just put it in and drive right away! Trade OFFERS?!!


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            Would you happen to have a DE p/s pump for a S13 thats in good working order (no noise or leaks)?


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              I have an SR20DET power steering pump that, strangely enough, is different than a SR20DE power steering pump. I don't know if it will be able to fit on a KA24DE.


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                Still gots this stuff.