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5, YES 5 FR cars foir sale INDIANA...4 AE86's and S13...

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  • 5, YES 5 FR cars foir sale INDIANA...4 AE86's and S13...

    Boys and girls, I have 5 cars for sale. Yeah that is a lot. I need to have a car lot...

    First off..I do not check this board often. Please email me with questions.

    Secondly, and probably more importantly, I am located in Richmond Indiana 47374. I do not know, or really care where you are located. That being said, please make use of and put your information on the left side (hint, the zip code alone will suffice...) and put my zip code (47374) on the right side. That way you know where you are in relation to me and do not have to ask how far you are from me because I really couldn't care less where you are located, I hate being in Indiana enough to just care about leaving this crappy place...

    Ok, on to the fleet of vehicles. I will post links to the cars and possibly pics here in this post. Everything is cash and carry/tow/drag/drive/push, whatever. No promises of money in 2007, trading of X-Boxes, pirated dvd'S, used panties, passwords to porn sites, shiny objects, food stamps, treasure maps, etc are wanted or needed...

    Please be aware that I want you to see the cars in person before throwing wild offers out. Also be aware if you say I will give you $(enter your offer here...) for the car, and I say are legally obligated to pay for the car. I have a lot of cars and no time to mess with them since I have 2 project cars now (besides all of these) and I also need to swap engines in my truck before it snows (which may be soon in crappy Indiana)...
    Also be aware that on the cars I am putting prices on are pretty firm, but I may work with you since I prefer to get cash rather than looking at if I say I want $3500 for a car, do not offer me $75 for it. Also, if you do not think my cars are worth the asking price, please hit the back button. Wasting your time and mine with pointless comments is not productive. Go look at some bukkake or do something useful...

    I may take a partial trade if it is something USEFUL to me, and I would consider trading some or all of these cars for a car or 2, and I would be willing to trade up as well for the right car. I am only interested in FR and AWD cars. Anyway, please let me know what you have to offer.

    Car #1 1990 Nissan 240sx SE model (liftback)
    Link to pics...

    Canadian spec (manual seatbelts, KM/h speedo and MP/h, and odometer reads in KM, not miles.)
    new paint (4/04) good paint, not maaco (cost about $1500)
    Shaved 3rd brake light and rear spoiler.
    Leather front seats from S13 convertible. In great shape
    306,xxx KM (KILOMETERS) about 190k miles.
    Does not use oil. I am about 1/2 quart low at oil change time (2500 miles).
    5 speed. Good clutch.
    I am 3rd owner. The 2nd owner had the car since 1993. His friend bought the car new. The car was in texas from around 1995. It is solid underneeth. It was garage kept most of its existence. It is definately garage kept now. It is always clean.
    It has a Sony Xplod head unit that plays MP3 format CD's. Sony xplod 6 1/2 front and rear speakers about 6 months old. Sony powered sub.
    Ebay front and rear strut bars.
    Nice clean interior, perfect dash, A/C blows cold, heater works nicely.
    Power windows/locks and manual sunroof. Sunroof does not leak, but makes noise at highway speeds, needs a new seal.
    Good stock shocks/struts.
    Car is very dependable. Recent tune up. Have phantom grip LSD for it and camber plates if I get asking price.

    Only real bad things are that the front glass is cracked, it does not obstruct view but still cracked. Also, the cold start fast idle does not work, I never figured out why, it is probably something simple. It also has a CRAPPY tenzo-R muffler which I HATE! It sounds like butt...But it is better than the old stock broken muffler. It has an Ebay test pipe in it. I am not afraid to go out and drive the car ANYWHERE. I would drive it to Cali in a heartbeat if I needed to. It requires nothing but gas and caffeine to drive across country.

    I may be forgetting some stuff, but it gets fluids checked weekly, and new fluids last fall (and again in a month or so...) and absolutely no issues with this car other than what I mentioned. It looks beautiful, is a good solid car good as is or as a sr20/rb20/5/6/CA18 swap candidate...
    Asking $4000 OBO for it. Email is

    Car #2 1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S Hatch

    Link to pics:

    This is a 1986 GT-S hatch. It has factory LSD that works great. It has 272,xxx miles on it. It runs strong.
    Front fenders were rusty, they have been replaced. Interior is in pretty decent, but the carpet is dirty and drivers door panel is not good.
    Has new lifetime warranty clutch from Advanced auto installed 9/3/05.
    Brakes are good. Recent tune up. New fliuds (9/03/05)
    Tranny shifts good. Still has PS and A/C but A/C needs charged and new seals for sure, I am not sure if compressor and condensor are good or not.
    Originally 2 tone light/dark blue. Has blue velour interior. Dash has some cracks. All glass is good. Good door hinges. Car is rattle can flat black. Suspension is on it now, but is coming off. It will have either stock springs (cut or uncut, your choice) or epilepsir springs (brand new) and good condition 1 year old front and rear stock replacement struts and shocks.
    It has good stock exhaust that is about 17 months old. It has a stock stereo in it. The speakers are 19 years old, but new ones are $30 from ebay, or splurge and spend $50 or so at walmart and get sony xplod.
    The car has been on a long road trip (450 miles 1 way) on a weekend outing and gave ABSOLUTELY no problems at 80 mph and the 4age got about 27-28 mpg at that speed....never thought of overheating.
    The wheels are also optional. I have a set (4) of american racing spector wheels (shown on front) and a set (4) of supra wheels, shown on rear, and can offer 4 of either, 2 of each pairs, or a set of steelies. The price will reflect the wheel choice and suspension choice.

    I am looking for OFFERS on this one. I have had some at the $2500 or so range, but nobody has shown me money.
    This car is already gone over and the issues dealt with. It is ready to paint and modify. I drifted it at 3 events with suspension/exhaust and it did pretty well once the suspension settings were figured out. This needs a good home...

    Car #3 1986 Toyota Corolla GT-S Coupe with Factory LSD No sunroof
    Asking $1500. Need to sell SOON!!!!!!!
    3TC engine swap. Needs MSD box. Has good Weber 32/36 carb.
    Body in decent shape. Interior pretty good. Has some rocker panel rust. Black original paint. Has supra wheels on it. 170,xxx miles.
    Link to pics:

    Car #4 1985 GT-S Hatch
    Link to pics:
    This car has a sr5 rear end.
    It has a new fuel pump. 290,xxx mines. Runs good, probably engine was changed several years back at dealership...stickers are still in good shape on engine. Has new water pump. Has rusted out right rear shock tower, but I have a good replacement for someone to weld in. Car is not so pretty, but it can be a good drift car. Asking $1000 OBO. email me at

    Car #5 1986 Toyota Corolla SR-5 Hatch (with 4AGE engine and Keihin carbs)
    Car is ABSOLUTELY rust free! Original Texas car. It is SOLID. This is a GREAT car to mod with confidence. Interior is so-so. The engine runs strong. We are still getting the carbs set up. Has MSD 6AL and Keihin 38mm carbs. Engine from MR2 AW11 and had 112k miles on it. Clutch has 1/2 life left. Still has SR5 rear end. I have to post up pics later also on this one. Original bluish silver paint. Has factory sunroof. 140k on car. Has injen solid rate springs and Tokiko blues on on it (or will have when we install them). Good stock exhaust. This is ready to mod hevilly...
    Accepting offers. Email

    Sorry for the lengthy post. Cars gotta go...I have far too many...
    Last edited by paradox; 09-21-2005, 01:07 PM. Reason: Pretty pics...

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    The 240sx is gone...I got my asking price...YES it was nice, and I miss it.

    The others are still available. Help me get my girlie a bB...BUY MY CARS!


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      1987 Mazda RX-7 N/A... for the flat black AE86 H/B???


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        1987 Mazda RX-7 N/A... for the flat black AE86 H/B???
        If it was a T2, I would consider it. I do not like the FC at all. The T2 is ok because of the turbo only...
        I prefer cash, I have 99 cars now and getting more, well it seems like 99. I just got a pair of 3rd gen supras, 1 good car with auto, and a parts car with 5 speed...I will need to get the auto running and sold, and the 5 speed parts car will become a cressida 5 speed swap stockpile, so now I just need to find a cressida shell and a 7mgte...

        I have to sell off some of these cars before my GF gets here from Japan, about 2 weeks from now, she will kill me. I need to get her bB before she gets here...

        A guy can only have so many and keep his sanity...I have several, I only want to keep 2 of the AE86's...

        Come scoop them up. Get them before the movie three ghey for toe ghey comes out, all FR cars are likely to be selling for 20x what they are selling for now, even crown vics and rustangs...

        Did I mention I have like 15 cars? Come buy some...


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          ae86 hatch

          goin to check out the flat black hatch tonite. w00t w00t


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            Car number 2 . $400-500 my best offer(sp)


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              Car number 2 . $400-500 my best offer(sp)

              UPDATE...Sold for FULL asking price...

              Although that is a tempting offer...I respectfully decline. I have standing offers far higher, waiting on one of the 2 offers to come through with actual cash.

              Just the clutch job alone (even if it was a SR5) would make a running car worth that much. It has all new fluids and a new clutch. Also, it is the UBER-POPULAR hatch...funny how the coupe with the exact same suspention that i daily drive feels so much better on the coupe than it did on car # 2 where I had the suspension and daily drove it for a few months...
              That must mean that coupes are truely better driving cars and the hatches are for people who want panda paint jobs....
              Last edited by paradox; 10-12-2005, 11:32 AM.


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                Down to me buy my girlie a bB...
                I hate making payments...

                Car #3 86 gts coupe with 3TC and car #5 the 86 SR5 Hatch with 4ag and Keikin carbs...

                Buy them so I do not have to finance this bB...


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                  When might the supra come up and how bad is it?


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                    The supra is not bad at all (except for being N/A and least it is a targa top model...)
                    I should get it in a few weeks. I really do not want to keep it, but I will daily drive it for a while. I will take pics and post it for sale, because I want to start driving my truck for the winter months. I do not have room for all the cars I have (In the garage) and I feel bad that some cars will sit outside during the harsh indiana winter.

                    I still have the 86 gts coupe with 3TC engine and the 86 SR5 hatch with strong 4ag and keihin carbs...
                    BUY THEM!


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                      Car # 3 is the only one from this bunch left...Although may sell my 92 240 convertible soon with wide body silvia kit and sideskirts and c/f hood and JIC coilovers...


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                        Car # 3 is the only one from this bunch left...Although may sell my 92 240 convertible soon with wide body silvia kit and sideskirts and c/f hood and JIC coilovers...
                        Someone emailed me yesterday about car #5. Apparently the item I quoted above from my post the other day was far to unclear...

                        CAR # 5 IS SOLD, AS ARE ALL BUT CAR #3...

                        Thank you for looking...