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    It has come to our attention that some unscrupulous individuals are counterfeiting our A'PEXi Auto Timers, using our trademarked logo, and ripping people off by peddling them as a genuine A'PEXi product. These individuals are con-artists who are not interested in providing you quality performance products and are only interested in making a quick buck off unsuspecting customers. A'PEXi is concerned about the potential damage that the counterfeit Turbo Timers may cause. Poor circuit design, incomplete programming, use of inferior materials, and inconsistent manufacturing processes could lead to car malfunction, short circuits, electrical fires, electrocution, and possible physical injury and are not recommended for use.

    Key features of the A'PEXi Auto Timer, such as the Parking Brake Safety Protection and Air/Fuel Ratio Monitor functions are non-operational on the counterfeit units.

    In order to ensure that our customers do not get ripped off, we offer several ways to distinguish the counterfeit Turbo Timers from genuine A'PEXi Auto Timers. Please note that points 1, 9, and 10 are most effective at identifying counterfeits because they are the most difficult to change.

    1. Case Thickness - The genuine A'PEXi Auto Timer has a case thickness of 3/8 inch at the display area, the counterfeit Turbo Timer is 7/16 inch. This is the best way to determine whether or not the Auto Timer is genuine or counterfeit, because it is difficult for the counterfeiters to address the thickness difference.

    2. Check the Harness - The genuine harness has red dots along the black, white, and grey wires. The counterfeit units do not.

    3. Check Parts List - The genuine A'PEXi Auto Timer contains all the items shown on the parts list. The counterfeit Turbo Timers are missing zip ties, double sided tape, splices, and electro-taps.

    4. Serial Numbers - The genuine A'PEXi Auto Timer has a serial number on the black relay box. The counterfeit Turbo Timer has no serial number on the box.

    5. Package Height - The clear plastic box on the genuine Auto Timer is 3 inches tall. The counterfeit Auto Timer is only 2.5 inches tall.

    6. Package Opening - The clear plastic box on the genuine A'PEXi Auto Timer opens on the sides, whereas the counterfeit Auto Timer opens on the front and back.


    7. Check the Display - On the genuine A'PEXi Auto Timer the red LED display is visibly red when powered off. On the counterfeit Turbo Timer, the display is not red when off.

    8. Film on Display - The genuine A'PEXi Auto Timer has no film on the display. The counterfeit Turbo Timer has a clear poly-film affixed to the display.

    9. A/F Monitor - On the counterfeit Turbo Timer, the A/F Function does not work. It reads 14.6 all of the time.

    10. Parking Brake Safety - On the counterfeit Auto Timer, the Parking Brake Safety Function does not work. If you release the handbrake, the engine will continue idling which could lead a collision and/or physical injury.

    To protect yourself, avoid purchasing a product if you are not certain that it is a genuine A'PEXi product. Only purchase from dealers on our dealer list, or otherwise dealers that you know and trust, and do not purchase this item via online auctions. Also, use a credit card that has a strong anti-fraud policy so that you can utilize their resources to get your money back should you accidentally purchased a counterfeit product.

    If you have accidentally purchased a counterfeit item, immediately return the item to the place of purchase for a full refund, regardless of the store's refund policy. In the case of fraud, such policies are null and void. If the store is not compliant, file a report with the police, or, or Please call Apex Integration, Inc. to notify us of the business/seller as well. We are on your side.

    Thank you for your patience and cooperation while we resolve this situation


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    can this be a sticky?


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      I agree, this should be a sticky
      Personally I am outraged that someone would try to knock-off a high quality product such as A'PEXi.


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        People should take this view on ALL knock off products


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          Originally posted by DriftGirl
          People should take this view on ALL knock off products
          Oh I do, I've bought my share of products that have turned out to be knock-offs (found this out the hard way). But who hasn't bought a nice watch and then realized Rolexx doesn't have two X's? Never trust anyone selling merchandise out of the back of a van.

          Is this a sticky yet?
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            yeah you can also get adidaas sweaters too... haha